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Pardon the dust

Seems I somehow managed to sort of kill the site yesterday. While I’m getting things fixed back up, I wanted to go ahead and post our next contest.

And by the way (btw) we’ve created a new category here on the site just for Giveaways. You’ll find our current contests and lists of winners there. This is separate from our affiliate authors contests which are listed under Contests. Easy enough?

Now, what are we giving away? Let’s see…

Two lucky winners will get a package from Stacey Kayne! Stacey is giving away: an autographed copy of The Gunslinger’s Untamed Bride and beaded dragonfly and to another lucky winner, an autographed copy of Stetsons, Spring and Wedding Rings and beaded dragonfly.

A third lucky winner will win a copy of A Knight Most Wicked by Joanne Rock and a copy of Bedded by the Warrior – Harlequin Historical June 09 by Dennis Lynn.

So… to win….

Leave a comment below telling is which period in history you’re glad you don’t live in. :) Would you want to be married to a caveman? Or perhaps the idea of a corset makes you faint. Don’t forget to tell us why you’re glad you don’t live in that time period! And give us more than a one sentence answer please.

Contest ends Monday August 24 at noon EST.

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posted Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 | filed under Giveaway
35 Responses to “Pardon the dust”

  1. Mari said:

    I would least like to live in puritanical England, or in the colonies. Probably the worst time would be during the witch trials. I am too headstrong and I would have probably been singled out.

  2. susan leech said:

    Wow what a tough question. I think I have to say I wouldn’t had liked living when the west was young and settlers were always fighting for themselves or trying tp protect themselves from raids. The ladies’ gowns looked very nice but I sure wouldn’t want to have to wear any of them. Less clothes the better for me. ha Hope I get entered into your contest. susan L.

  3. Laney4 said:

    That sure is a tough question. If you’d asked when I’d LIKE to have been born (if not in today’s world), then I’d say whenever the Gunsmoke series was supposed to be set, ha ha.
    Since you want to know when I WOULDN’T want to be living, that would be when beheadings were popular/legal, as I’m sure I’d be next in line! That “Women should be seen and not heard” part would be a killer for me!
    And no, I wouldn’t want to be married to a caveman. I hate long hair being pulled around!
    And a corset? Pullllease. Tight underclothing kills me NOW, so I imagine I WOULD faint if I were forced to wear one, ha ha!
    Have a great day and thanks for a thought-provoking blog.

  4. MarthaE said:

    Since you mentioned cavemen – Yes I wouldn’t want to live then and be subject to male brutality! But I also wouldn’t want to live during the years of the plagues in Europe.. too much danger and sorrow/tragedy. Now Scottish highlands- I think I’d like those brawny Scots but again- I’d have a hard time with male dominance unless it was in a lovely way!

  5. Chris Mead said:

    It is really hard for me to come up with an answer to this because I love most all historical time periods! I would not have enjoyed living in cave man times though, or during the times of the Salem witch trials either. Although I love the look of long gowns, I too would not have enjoyed wearing a corset!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Chris Mead

  6. Penney said:

    It’s hard for me as I would like to have been back in England time from the 1700′s to 1800′s the one I would not like to be would be the Salem witch trials. I have a mouth on me so I would be burned! LOL.
    You know women back in those days should not speak out had to be quite well I sure can’t be! LOL!

  7. Donna S said:

    I would not have liked the caveman days or the early settlers who lived in so-called tents. Really need 4 walls and roof.

  8. CrystalGB said:

    I would not like to live during the American Civil War era. You would not know who was an enemy or a friend and would never know when a skirmish might occur around your home.

    Crystal816 at hotmail dot com

  9. JOYE said:

    I don’t think I would have liked to live during the French Revolution days. Me and my big mouth would have seen me at the guilliotine for sure.

  10. Jackie said:

    The Middle Ages due to the Plague, poor hygiene, poor diets and just all around poor-ness.

  11. Martha Lawson said:

    I wouldn’t have wanted to have lived anytime before the Civil War. Things were too strict for women! Too many clothes, etc. Too proper.

  12. Jill James said:

    I would least liked to have lived during the Middle Ages. I would have hated the poverty, disease, and ignorance. I like my creature comforts and definitely baths.

  13. Kimmy Lane said:

    I wouldn’t want to live in the early colonial days. Between the war and Indians, too scary for my blood.

  14. RobynL said:

    I would not have wanted to live through the settling of the West and the Pioneer era. The hardships would have done me in.

    Can you imagine travelling for weeks in a covered wagon to a land not yet developed and meeting up with wild animals, outlaws and many disasters such as disease and muddy, rutty trails. I can’t imagine stopping each day to make meals along the way and upon arriving at your destination or the place you choose to set up camp is when the work really starts. A shelter had to be built, the land tilled, wood and food to put away for the long hard winter. I would not have lasted, I’m sure. No doctors for miles around and maybe even no neighbors.

  15. catslady said:

    Although I love reading historicals, I know I could never put up with living in what seems very “dirty” times lol. I like my conveniences and new technologies and living longer than 30 since they didn’t know much about medicine and so many babies and mothers died young.

  16. SuzyQ1955 said:

    :evil: The period of time I am glad I didm’t live in was the Victorian Era. This was a period of history that was pure HELL for women. Their style of dress may look nice but if one sits down and exams it it was cruel. The corsets pinched a woman’s down about 10 inches less than a woman has today, and masses of petticoats. With all these layers woman actually cooked in the summer. No wonder that a fainting couch was a staple piece of furnture in every household!

  17. gloria said:

    I would not have liked to live during cave man era as would have been a dangerous time with little protection. I also would not have wanted to be here during the Inquisition as that was a brutal time. Would not have wanted to have lived in the colonies or during the plague times as those to were dangerous times. But I do love a good historical romance book or even a non fiction history cause that way I can travel without the danger. :grin:

  18. Tamsyn said:

    Definitely not in Ole England where you have to boil water for your bath and live in cold draughty castles! With all the conveniences of modern times, I’m afraid that I would not want to live in any periods past. I’ll admit that I’m a wimp!

  19. Laurie G said:

    Definitely Medieval times would be my least favorite!
    No plumbing …toilets, running water, showers. The SMELL!!
    No electricity… just candles and fireplaces. The SMOKE! The SMELL
    No garbage collecting! RATS & SMELL
    No carpets.DIRT EVERYWHERE!! They used rushes to cover the floors.
    No forks or spoons. They used their dirty hands and a dirty knife to eat with!
    No window glass They used tapestries to keep out drafts and seperate rooms.
    Scant medical knowledge…bloodletting- leeches, dying in childbirth, no antibiotics!
    Class system- serfs vs royalty- no way to move up in society
    No cars, airplanes or trains. Horses or walked everywhere!!
    No zippers- clothes were all handmade.
    Lots of wars! Justice was severe.

  20. Terri Dell said:

    I could never have lived in the pioneer days. The traveling, the dust, the indian attacks…too much for me

  21. trin said:

    I would not be interested in living the age of the late 1800′s.
    The civil war , then watching industrialization come about with broad strokes, then the end of the open wilderness. It seems like it was a heartbreaking time.

  22. Cherie J said:

    Definitely not prehistoric times. Such a brutal time period. Medieval times would also be a time period I would hate to live in. Living conditions were so unsanitary and there were so many rampant diseases.

  23. Sandra M said:

    I would have to say Medieval times as well. The unsanitary conditions and threat of diseases would have drove me crazy.
    I think living during the early days of the wild west would have been exciting (and terrifying). To be a pioneer and settle a new town would have been hard but rewarding work.

  24. Larena Wirum said:

    I will have to with the time period during the Spanish Inquisition. Had to watch what you said and did. :shock:

  25. Linda B said:


  26. Linda B said:

    :mrgreen: GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

  27. CARMELLA said:

    I would not want to live in Medieval times. I love taking baths to much and I have a very senstive nose.

  28. Mary Preston said:

    I would hate to be living during the witch hunts. There’s a little witch in all of us. So that would be the Puritanical Period – I’m thinking Salem. Bad time for witches.

  29. Cynthya P said:

    I’m really glad I didn’t live around 1350 in Europe when the Black Death was killing off half the population. I also would not have wanted to live during the American Civil War or during the Great Depression.

  30. Tamsyn said:

    Hi, I posted yesterday and don’t know why my post didn’t show up. Hope it gets through this time.
    Well, I wouldn’t like to live in any periods in the past. I’m all for modern conveniences – hot water, cellphones, doctors who won’t leech me! Don’t think I’m going to get them there. :o) Tamsyn

  31. Marilyn Shoemaker said:

    Civil War, like someone said you would not have known who was friend or foe.

  32. alma said:

    I would not want to live during the cave man days lol. being pulled by my hair does not look or sound fun> Being chased by a t rex would also be a pain . Having to live in a cave and o wear skins might be smelly and itchy .

  33. Eva M said:

    Ancient Rome with all the violence and wars is a turn-off. Though on the bright side, togas were much preferable to the corsets and petticoats :grin:

  34. CataAdmin said:

    Congrats to our winners: Terri Dell, Larena Wirum win goodies from Stacey Kayne and alma is our 3rd lucky winner! Send your snail mail addy to ally at: alice @ pixelwareinc.com (no spaces).


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