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Review:To Deceive a Duke by Amanda McCabe

"Amidst a highly romantic setting, Amanda McCabe tells the wondrous story of Clio Chase and her Duke in the pages of To Deceive a Duke."
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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 978-0373295937
Page Count: 288 pages
Price: $ 5.99
Reviewer: Debby
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Website: http://ammandamccabe.tripod.com/


When her father, some of her sisters and she travel to Sicily; Clio Chase is hoping for some quiet time, working at her own excavations and forgetting all about the Duke of Averton. She is surprised when he turns up in Sicily, and much to her dismay, he continues to have a strange effect on her senses. The Duke of Averton arrives with warnings about an unknown threat and when she refuses to heed his warnings, he tries to make sure she is safe. Now, together under unusual circumstances, Clio can no longer resist those strange sensations and she gives into her Duke.

Clio is the second of the Chase Muses to find her own rogue. The Duke came from a past that was shady to say the least. He needed to find redemption for those past sins and he was trying very hard. Clio did not want to trust him but her heart wanted to trust him with everything she had. The plot was intriguing and kept you guessing. There were some ends not tied up but there is another Muse’s story to be told. To Deceive a Duke had some of the most romantic scenes set in such a beautiful backdrop. It really entices your imagination. Amanda McCabe will have us all anxiously awaiting the next sister’s story. To Deceive a Duke is beautifully written, highly romantic an sure to please the reader.

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posted Monday, May 10th, 2010

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