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Review: Sentinels: Kodiak Chained by Doranna Durgin

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About the Book:
Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 978-0373885602
Page Count: 368
Price: $ 5.50
Reviewer: Amelia Richard
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.doranna.net/

The fifth book in the innovative Sentinels series has these supernatural beings who have vowed to watch over the earth continuously battling with those connected to the Atrum Core. Doranna Durgin definitely created an original world when she crafted this series, as the plots are very inventive and there are a whole slew of unique characters to grab the attention. SENTINELS: KODIAK CHAINED is full of action-packed situations that raise the heart level.

Although Ruger James is the healer for the Sentinels in his region, his gift is limited because of what occurred during his last mission. The fact that the bear shifter cannot aid those who often rely on his skills deeply disturbs him, but he knows he can still be a capable fighter and is ready for his next assignment. The night before he is to embark on the latest battle with the Atrum Core, he hooks up with Mariska Banks and enjoys a fulfilling evening with the female bear shifter.

While Ruger did not expect to see Mariska again, the very next day he learns she is not only a new member of the Sentinels in his area but is even supposed to watch over him. He resents having someone keeping a close eye on him, and especially since she is the one who suggested he needed looking after. Mariska actually admires Ruger for all his good qualities, but it is going to take a lot to get him to admit he needs any help. As they get nearer to hopefully stopping a rogue member of the Atrum Core from conducting experiments, they know putting aside their personal differences is crucial as the mission must be successful.

The paranormal and a love of animals are very evident in Doranna Durgins’s Sentinels series. Since the main characters are able to shift into different wild creatures, they frequently take on the traits of whatever being into which they can change and these features are always realistically depicted. The hero and heroine can become bears in SENTINELS: KODIAK CHAINED, and they certainly possess plenty of qualities attributed to these magnificent animals. Any time I read about this type of shifter, I visualize someone strong and taking charge, and Ms. Durgin definitely did not disappoint me as Ruger and Mariska prove they are imposing individuals in either form. He is truly an awesome hero, as Ruger has dedicated his life to helping others regardless of the cost to himself. Though the intentions of Mariska are not entirely clear at the start of the book, it soon becomes obvious she also has much to offer to the team of Sentinels with which she is now working. These two made an engaging couple, as they fought side by side while also learning personal facts about the other. Their more emotional discussions are sincere and repeatedly straightforward with an open honesty. Neither Ruger nor Mariska are shy when it comes to sex, and they undeniably explore their desires to the fullest. The premise of the Sentinels battling those who consider the ideas believed by the Atrum Core to be true is carried out all through the story, and the evil portrayed is horrifyingly chilling with possibilities. Hopefully, no one will ever try to achieve the goal of the rogue villain in this book, but sadly science can be used for good or something terrible. While this story can be read before any of the previous books in the series and still understood, it will mean more if all the information discovered in earlier stories is already known. SENTINELS: KODIAK CHAINED has imaginative adventures and compelling characters.

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posted Monday, November 19th, 2012

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