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Review: Guarding the Princess by Loreth Anne White

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About the Book:
Genre: suspense
ISBN: 978-0373278084
Page Count: 288
Price: $ 5.50
Reviewer: Amelia Richard
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 5 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.lorethannewhite.com/

She was destined for another. He was just there to complete a task. What takes place after these two meet in the latest Sahara Kings book is an adventure packed with perilous action plus sky-high sexual tension, and Loreth Anne White brings the African locale alive with colorful details time and again. GUARDING THE PRINCESS is constantly suspenseful and filled with heartfelt emotions. There is also the added bonus of more pages in the Harlequin Romantic Suspense books starting this month, and I was thrilled to have extra scenes.

When Dalilah Al Arif marries a sheik who will be king in a country whose wealth comes from oil, her world will dramatically change. However, she knows it is her duty and plans to honor the long-ago agreement between their parents. Since she will no longer be able to work on a project which helps supply water to countries in her native Africa, she hopes her visit to the area will bring about one more successful campaign. What she did not know is that an enemy of her family wants revenge for all they cost him, and he thinks killing her is one way to have his vengeance.

After Brandt Stryker is asked to protect Dalilah by sneaking her away, the bush pilot hoped the hardest part of the operation would be convincing her to go with him without arguing. Just as he gets ready to implement his plan, it quickly becomes apparent the possible threats to her are very real. As they flee together, physical danger seems to crop up at every turn and it will take all his training to keep them alive. Adding to the stress of all Brandt and Dalilah are facing is their growing attraction for each other, and they know acting on their desire is not rational yet it becomes difficult to deny their feelings.

Factual descriptions and believable characters can always be found in any story by Loreth Anne White. GUARDING THE PRINCESS is particularly realistic with the meticulous facts depicting what Africa is really like on a daily basis. From animals and people to its environment, I was captured by the vividness of each often incredible aspect. How Mother Nature affects Brandt and Dalilah is equally significant to their survival as to what those tracking them will eventually accomplish. No matter what type of menace is threatening this couple, it is portrayed with the feeling that death could result if a wrong choice is made. Any scene where action is occurring is shown with much convincingness, as events unfolded in ways I could actually visualize. The villain in the story is extremely evil, and this caused me to worry about what might happen to Brandt and Dalilah if caught. Being chased by bad guys plus having to deal with whatever is tossed at them because of the surroundings makes for situations where split-second decisions are the norm, and having to wait in order to discover what would come to pass was frequently nerve-racking. While many incidents caused tension from danger, there are also circumstances where anxious feelings are produced when desire for the other rises to almost overwhelming heights. These moments are very realistic and pack quite a punch from their numerous honest reactions. Ms. White always let me know exactly what a character experiences regardless of the situation, and any encounters where Brandt and Dalilah express their longing for the other are stirring and exceedingly fervent. Loreth Anne White is a master when it comes to writing suspenseful adventures with an exotic setting, and GUARDING THE PRINCESS is a noteworthy example.

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posted Thursday, December 27th, 2012

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