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Review: Sunset Surrender by Charlene Sands

"Sunset Surrender by Charlene Sands starts the year out right with romance and love blooming in Nevada."
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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 9780373732180
Page Count: 192 pages
Price: $ 4.99
Reviewer: Debby
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: http://charlenesands.com/

Sophia Montrose grew up on Sunset Ranch but left when she was a young teenager. Now she returns as partial owner of Sunset Lodge. Logan Slade is sure she is only there as a greedy gold digger. He will do anything to keep Sophia out of his family business. But Sophia is not be deterred. She wants to take her place as manager of Sunset Lodge. The only problem – a kiss shared in high school. Logan kissed Sophia on a dare designed to humiliate, but neither can forget that kiss, even if it was not meant to be enjoyable.

Nevada comes to life under the capable pen of Charlene Sands. The lodge and the surrounding countryside make a beautiful backdrop for this many layered story. Sophia returns to her childhood home and see it with adult eyes. Logan never left the ranch and sees Sophia with eyes jaded by his teenaged years. Logan fought his feelings as did Sophia but love is stronger. How can they reconcile their differences? Trust and maturity is what they both needed. Sunset Surrender is beautifully written with evocative images and an amazing love story. Make sure Sunset Surrender by Charlene Sands is in your stocking!


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posted Thursday, December 27th, 2012

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