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Review: The Captain’s Courtesan by Lucy Ashford

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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 9780373306480
Page Count: 304 Pages
Price: $ $6.25
Reviewer: Julie Bonello
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.lucyashford.com

Lucy Ashford brews a pot spiced with nail-biting intrigue, breathless passion and heart-pounding emotion in her latest Regency romance – The Captain’s Courtesan.

Rosalie Rowland is determined to find the man who had ruined her beloved sister and make him pay for driving her to her grave. Rosalie doesn’t have much to go on, but she is adamant not to leave any stone unturned and to avenge the man who had so cruelly taken advantage of her innocent sister. Rosalie’s quest for revenge and her determination to uncover the truth behind her sister’s death has taken her from her sheltered life in the countryside to the debauched and dissolute underworld of London. Masquerading as a courtesan, Rosalie has inveigled her way into one of the capital’s most notorious brothels, The Temple of Beauty, to try and find the man responsible for destroying her family. Distraction is the last thing on Rosalie’s mind. She cannot lose focus – nor can she allow herself to be compromised by her surroundings!- but when fate propels her into the arms of Captain Alec Stewart, spirited Rosalie finds herself unable to resist the fiercely masculine and saturnine soldier who could be in possession of the answers she is desperately seeking.

Captain Alec Stewart is a man whose prowess on the battle field is legendary. Respected and revered by the men who had served under his command, Alec is a man who, despite his privileged upbringing, has never allowed the trappings of his aristocratic background to make him arrogant or hardhearted. Although he had been disowned by his father and is treated with contempt and scorn by his brother, Alec had used his money and position to open up his London mansion for homeless and battle weary soldiers who had nowhere else to go. When he is reluctantly dragged to The Temple of Beauty, Alec is initially repelled by the lascivious behaviour of his peers and the brazen women who seem unabashedly determined to grab his attention. However, Alec’s initial revulsion quickly gives way to sizzling attraction when he stumbles upon the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes – a scantily clad Athena who has entered a den of iniquity to avenge her sister’s killer: Rosalie!

Rosalie was unprepared for the torrent of emotion that consumed her when she met the dashing Captain Alec Stewart. Although she knows that she should give the handsome captain a wide berth, Rosalie finds herself giving into temptation and succumbing to Alec’s advances. But when Rosalie uncovers some startling truths about her lover, she begins to wonder whether she can trust a man whose past is shrouded in mystery or whether she should listen to her heart and grab this chance at happiness.

With The Captain’s Courtesan, the talented Lucy Ashford takes her readers on a thrilling journey to Regency England they are not likely to forget and this wonderfully written and splendidly told historical romance sparkles with pulse-racing adventure, powerful drama, colorful period detail and blazing sensuality guaranteed to keep readers gleefully turning the pages late into the night!

Brimming with danger, daring and desire, The Captain’s Courtesan is a dazzling Regency romance from Lucy Ashford’s gifted pen!

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posted Monday, December 31st, 2012

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