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Review: The Valtieri Baby – Caroline Anderson

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 9780373178292
Page Count: 192 Pages
Price: $ $4.99
Reviewer: Julie Bonello
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: N/A

When it comes to writing warm-hearted emotional contemporary romances, Caroline Anderson simply cannot be beaten and with her latest novel for Harlequin Romance, The Valtieri Baby, this much-loved author has once again penned a tender and poignant love story readers will not be able to resist!

Romance is Anita Della Rossa’s business. As a wedding planner, she spends her days – and nights! – working hard to ensure that her clients’ romantic dreams come true. Whilst Anita is perfectly happy seeing other people walking down the aisle towards their own happy ever after, the intrepid wedding planner is adamant that she will not be wearing a big white dress any time soon. With a successful business, a busy social life and plenty of commitments to juggle, Anita does not have the time nor the inclination for a relationship – especially as she knows that she will never find anyone who can measure up to her first and only love, drop dead gorgeous billionaire lawyer Giovanni Valtieri!

Five years ago, Giovanni and Anita had been madly in love with one another and their families had been secretly hoping that Gio would pop the question and ask Anita to marry him. There was nothing that Anita wanted more than to be Gio’s bride. She had spent most of her life dreaming of becoming Gio’s wife, so she had been absolutely stunned when he had ended their relationship abruptly. A desolate Anita had hardened her heart and vowed never to let any man get close to her ever again, and despite the fact that she never stopped loving Gio, she had resigned herself to being just friends with the man who meant more to her than anyone else in the world.

Gio cannot remember a time when he hadn’t been head over heels in love with Anita. But when a cruel twist of fate had changed his life forever, Gio had been forced to break things off with her. Although their romantic relationship had come to an end, Gio and Anita still remained the best of friends. Gio knows that he can always rely on Anita, so when he is brutally attacked and needs looking after, he calls his former girlfriend and begs her to keep him company while he recovers from his ordeal.

Thrown together by fate in a Tuscan hideaway, Gio and Anita soon find themselves giving into long-buried feelings that have never truly gone away. But will they grasp this second chance at happiness with both hands? Or will they continue to let secrets from the past come between them?

The Valtieri Baby is a wonderfully uplifting, highly emotional and wholly compelling tale of old scars, new beginnings and everlasting love written by a first-class storyteller who writes with great depth and sensitivity and effortlessly blends humour, pathos and romance in an unforgettable story readers will find absolutely impossible to put down!

With a fantastic heroine, a gorgeous Italian hero and breath-taking descriptions of the Tuscan countryside, The Valtieri Baby is a spellbinding contemporary romance readers cannot afford to miss!

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posted Sunday, December 9th, 2012

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