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Review: Her Motherhood Wish – Anne Fraser

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 978-0263891942
Page Count: 192 Pages
Price: $ £5.49
Reviewer: Julie Bonello
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: http://annefraserauthor.wordpress.com/

Unexpected passion strikes between an incorrigible playboy and a woman determined to keep her heart under lock and key in Anne Fraser’s touching and thought-provoking Medical Romance, Her Motherhood Wish.

Beautiful, intelligent and successful, Dr. Olivia Simpson had the world at her feet. She had a fabulous social life, a fulfilling career and, more importantly, she was married to a handsome man who worshipped the ground she walked on. Olivia’s life was almost perfect – the only thing missing from this blissful idyll was a baby to call her own. But the bottom had soon fallen out of Olivia’s perfect world when her beloved husband Richard had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Olivia couldn’t face the thought of spending the rest of her life without the man she loved nor could she bear the idea of never holding Richard’s child in her arms. The determined doctor was determined to bring her husband’s baby into the world, so prior to his death, she had Richard’s sperm frozen and stored in an IVF clinic. After years spent mourning the man who meant more to her than anybody else in the world, Olivia is finally ready to be a mother and to put all of her time and energy into raising a child. Although she is well aware that single motherhood will be anything but easy, Olivia is determined to give her baby the best childhood and all the love and support in the world. Romance is the last thing on her mind – so why can’t she stop thinking about the handsome Dr. David Stuart?

Charming, sophisticated and as sexy as sin, Dr. David Stuart has all the female doctors and nurses falling at his feet. Although the good-looking neurosurgeon could have any woman he wants, he is immediately bowled over by the beautiful Olivia Simpson. But he is stunned when he realizes that the woman he cannot stop thinking about is carrying her late husband’s baby! David knows that he should give Olivia a wide berth – it’s just a shame that fate seems to have other ideas!

When Olivia finds out that there has been a mix-up at the IVF clinic and that the child she is carrying is not her dead husband’s, she reluctantly finds herself turning to David. Despite their best intentions, Olivia and David soon find themselves falling head over heels in love with one another. But is David ready to give up his playboy ways for the sake of his ready-made family? And is Olivia willing to trust her heart – and her unborn child’s well-being – to a man who has spent most of his adult life running away from commitment?

A heart-warming and heart-wrenching emotional drama from a writer whose star is on the rise, Her Motherhood Wish is a dramatic, believable and uplifting Medical Romance about the ties that bind, healing from old wounds and the magic of falling in love guaranteed to bring a tear to even the most jaded of eyes.

Packed with characters you cannot help but care about, tender romance and pulse-racing twists and turns, Her Motherhood Wish is a fantastic tale that’s got keeper written all over it!

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posted Monday, January 28th, 2013

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