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Review: Soldier Under Siege by Elle Kennedy

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About the Book:
Genre: suspense
ISBN: 978-0373278114
Page Count: 288
Price: $ 5.50
Reviewer: Amelia Richard
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 5 Stars

Author's Website: http://ellekennedy.com/

 The Hunted is a new series by Elle Kennedy, where three men who bravely served their country are now being pursued for unknown reasons. Who wants them dead is also something they have yet to learn, but they do not plan on dying without giving it their all. SOLDIER UNDER SIEGE constantly has daring escapades and sky-high sexual tension.

When Eva Dolce traveled south of the border to Mexico, she wanted to locate a U.S. soldier named Captain Robert Tate as she thinks he can actually help get her out of a nightmarish situation. Upon finding him, she explains her desire for Hector Cruz to be dead. She also states about hearing Tate wants to discover where the militant rebel is hiding, as his only brother was killed by the radical, and she has this information. Although he believes she is telling him the truth regarding her fear of the man, he remains distrustful because something just does not seem right, and he should since she is keeping a big secret.

The longing for retribution is the reason Tate decides to go along with the request made by Eva, but he plans to carefully watch her every step as they make their way to San Marquez. Making matters worse, he was sent on a botched mission to this country months before, and he plus two other soldiers are now being pursued for puzzling reasons. Tate knows he will have to be vigilant at every turn or this chance for justice will never be his. As he and Eva begin their trek through the jungle, he constantly reminds himself to not focus on the sexual attraction her presence makes him feel as the task is too crucial.

What an awesome start to The Hunted series! There is one gripping adventure after another, and how the backgrounds of Tate and Eva bring them together is smartly handled. Stories taking place in a foreign country always fascinated me, and Elle Kennedy brings the jungle of a South American country to life with vividly depicted happenings that had me also experiencing these detailed moments. Danger often occurs without any forewarning, and the scene clearly portrays the risks whether they are caused by man or Mother Nature. There are even a few instances where humor overrides any peril, and Tate and Eva react just I would have in similar situations. The heartache associated with the past histories of this couple made me understand their need to take action against the one responsible for their suffering, and the emotional issues they encounter as the story plays out are extremely relevant. How these two respond to not only each other but to any circumstances that arise is often influenced by the way they have been previously treated. Tate in particular has several bad memories linked to people he would rather forget, and the statements he makes concerning his future made me really sad. What happened to Eva because of good intentions gone wrong also had me wanting her life to finally be less nerve-racking and more joyful. The carrying out of the goal they both seek is sometimes dangerous and always packed with emotional decisions. When it comes to any intimacy between Tate and Eva, they believe the steamy sex is only to relieve any pent-up tension. Yet their inner feelings do become involved, and then their choices become twice as complicated to choose. A glimpse into the premise of the next book in The Hunted series has me eager to get my hands on it. SOLDIER UNDER SIEGE has sharp-witted banter, an engagingly passionate couple and adventures filled with suspense.

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posted Monday, January 28th, 2013

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