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Review: The Last de Burgh by Deborah Simmons

"Deborah Simmons takes back in time to where chivalry counted and the Crusades were current news with The Last de Burgh."
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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 9781460303870
Page Count: 288 pages
Price: $ 5.99
Reviewer: Debby
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.deborahsimmons.com/


Even though Emery Montbard is destined for the convent, she knows only she can help her brother. Calling upon his chivalry, Emery, now dressed as a boy, enlists the aid of Nicholas de Burgh. Nicholas comes from a proud family and his code of honor requires him to help her. But her disguise cannot hide who she is and Nicholas begins to question her identity. Nicholas, though, has his own secret, one he wants hidden from everyone.

Secrets and greed seem to be the name of the game in The Last de Burgh. Deborah Simmons is a master at combining intrigue with history. The Crusades resulted in more problem than they could handle. In this story, one injustice is resolved while at the same time, another major problem is solved. Beautifully written, The Last de Burgh by Deborah Simmons clearly illustrates how wrongs can only be righted through influence and honor. At the same time, we have an amazing romance to add to our collection. How can you go wrong with The Last de Burgh by Deborah Simmons? The answer – you can’t.

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posted Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

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