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Review: This Soul Magic by Michele Hauf

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About the Book:
Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 9781460307434
Page Count: 72
Price: $ 2.51
Reviewer: Amelia Richard
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.michelerhauf.com/

For This Witchery series, gifted author Michele Hauf creates stories dealing with a diverse group of witches whose lives are anything but normal to mere humans. Humor is often a part of the series, as thoughts are amusing and conversations made me laugh. THIS SOUL MAGIC continues from where THIS WICKED MAGIC ended. Though the previous book would not have to be read in order to realize what is occurring, as Ms. Hauf gives details that make things clear, the story would be better appreciated if all the history between the characters is known ahead of time.

When Reichardt Fallowgleam was a soul bringer, he was an exceedingly powerful immortal with no soul of his own or even a beating heart. It was the job of the fallen angel to take mortal souls to either Above or Beneath, and he was content to follow orders for over two thousand years. However, an enticing witch named Libertie St. Charles made the desire to be a mortal man too much for Reichardt to ignore, and he is now discovering how human males live.

With no memories of his previous life, Reichardt depends on the witch to help him learn about his new existence. Living with so many emotions is also something he has never before experienced, and Libby is more than eager to demonstrate the sexual side of a relationship between a man and woman. She also believes the former soul bringer is her destined soul mate, and she hopes his own feelings will match her own very soon. Libby thought they were getting along well, but soon starts to wonder if Reichardt desires her enough to give up on his newest dream or if it will keep them from ever having sex together as she has fantasized.

The imagination of Michele Hauf gives readers enthralling paranormal tales. Her storylines continuously astound me with their innovativeness, and THIS SOUL MAGIC delights with intriguing scenarios and a wonderful couple. The background for Reichardt is inventive, and getting to watch his experiences as a mortal being are certainly entertaining. Though some things that take place in the world of humans is familiar to him, other aspects are totally strange and must be explained before he can comprehend what they actually mean. There were numerous times when I chuckled loudly from one of his reactions, and other moments when I felt his discomfort over not understanding. Libby is trying to make his transition from immortal to mortal go smoothly, and her thoughts about the man whom she loves are heartfelt and backed with sincere feelings. As Reichardt gradually begins to figure out about sex and how pleasing a woman can be more than just intimacy, he becomes a man whom a woman can truly respect in so many ways. This sexy man is a quick learner, so he and Libby do get to share some heatedly sensuous moments. There are several bumpy spots along the way that will make these two finding happiness together very complicated, and they must intensely examine their wishes before making several vital decisions. Another clever plus fun read from Michele Hauf. THIS SOUL MAGIC is constantly fascinating with originality.

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posted Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

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