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Review: Undercover Wolf by Linda O. Johnston

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About the Book:
Genre: paranormal
ISBN: 978-0373885640
Page Count: 304
Price: $ 5.50
Reviewer: Amelia Richard
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.lindaojohnston.com/

The fourth story about the Alpha Force team has the unit in danger of being disbanded unless two of its members can find proof to contradict possible damaging evidence. This series has plenty of sexy werewolf heroes, and Linda O. Johnston makes Quinn someone whom I truly loved as he fights to discover the truth. There are few clues to the countless mysteries in UNDERCOVER WOLF, but lusty passions are in abundance.

At the urging of his brother, Quinn Parran leaves his P.I. business behind and joins the Alpha Force military unit. Since he is a werewolf, he gets special treatment and is given the rank of Lieutenant. The biggest reason he wanted to become a member of this highly covert group is so he can take part in research where an elixir lets him change into a wolf whenever desired. Assisting Quinn is Staff Sergeant Kristine Norwood, a former nurse who watches out for him while in animal form. All seems to be going well, and he is very happy with the results after several tests.

His joy turns to concern when he hears about two murders that took place in Maine near the town where his brother and new sister-in-law are spending their honeymoon. When Quinn cannot get in touch with the couple, he knows something is very wrong, especially when he learns they are thought to be involved in the killings. Since Kristine has worked closely with the new bride, she readily agrees to go with him and discover what happened to the newlyweds. His plan is for them to pose as a recently married couple and hopefully uncover where the Alpha Force members are now. Both are fully dedicated to their quest. What Quinn and Kristine did not anticipate is the attraction they feel to the other, making them want the pretend role they are playing to become more real.

An Alpha Force story always has an original plot, and the supernatural beings in the series certainly possess unique traits. What these shape-shifters do for the United States is commendable, and it unfortunately appears someone does not want the group to continue using their extraordinary abilities to keep unsuspecting Americans safe. Linda O. Johnston has constructed extremely innovative ideas about the Alpha Force members, and UNDERCOVER WOLF tells what takes place when two of their own are in danger. The missing couple previously had their own story, and a werewolf plus a human team up to find out exactly what has happened to them. Books pairing up an immortal with a mortal always fascinate me, as I like watching their interactions with each other. Quinn is new to military life and taking orders does not always set well with him, while Kristine is a strict follower. Scenes where they must quickly decide who takes the lead when it comes to asking questions contain genuine reactions, as emotions are hard to keep in check since any answers received are so critical. While the appealing shape-shifter can be playful if the moment is right, a perceived threat can turn him into a physically powerful opponent that I would definitely like to have on my side. The sexual awareness between Quinn and Kristine grows with every second they are together, and their respect for the other makes the development of tempting desire seem very natural. These feelings then explosively ignite when the pull becomes too much for them to disregard. There are numerous twists that are unforeseen, and several incidents could become deadly for this likable couple. Linda O. Johnston has created another entertaining installment of the Alpha Force series, and I want more stories about these commanding shape-shifters. UNDERCOVER WOLF has suspenseful adventures and a devotedly passionate romance.

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posted Friday, February 1st, 2013

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