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Review: Falling For The Lawyer by Anna Clifton

Alex Farrer has always followed her parents wishes, except with one thing working as a paralegal for a big firm and pushing her engagement into three years.  Alex knows she is not in love with her fiancee, nor does she want to be the stay at home wife on a pedestal that he insists with the pendulum looming, her time is running out and Alex finds her new boss not only attractive but questioning if Alex is on the right path for herself instead of others.

JP McKenzie has a reputation for being hard to work with, his first meeting with Alex is a testament to his true nature in lieu of the rumors swirling.  JP falls hard for Alex, usually he is drawn to strong independent women, but Alex has not a false air about her and she truly loves what she does, which makes wrapping his head around her future choices unbearable.  JP plans to keep Alex by his side with both work and his home, he only has to stir the pot a bit to get Alex to realize she is worth fighting for.
Thoroughly enjoyable, I thought the chemistry between Alex and JP was sizzling.  JP is determined when it comes to Alex even though she keeps trying to get him to stand in his own corner, but he know if she goes down the path she is heading it will be filled with emptiness and regret.   Extremely fun read.
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posted Friday, March 29th, 2013 | filed under Harlequin Enterprises Australia

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