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Review: Straddling the Line by Sarah M. Anderson


Josey White Plume has been working hard to get a school up and running on the rez. She goes to Crazy Horse Choppers to try and get some donations and meets CFO Ben Bolton. While Ben makes her feel things she does not, she also knows she cannot fit in his world. That does not stop her from wanting Ben and kissing him.

Ben never met such an intriguing woman before and he wants to know more. He cannot get her out of his mind. His job is to keep the family business afloat but suddenly his priorities shift. He cannot let Josey go.

Josey had one step in the Lakota world and one step in the white world. She was not sure where she belonged and who she really was. Ben knew his job was to keep his family together but with four hot tempered men (his father and two brothers), his task was far from easy. Ben also felt like he did not belong at times in his father’s eyes. Hop on for the ride as these two figure out what and who they want.

Straddling the Line was an incredible book. Sarah M. Anderson will have you laughing and have you crying as you devour Straddling the Line. Ben and Josey are incredibly layered characters and as each layer unfolds you will be more and more amazed at their depth. You can’t help but route for a happy ending for these two. The brothers books come out later in the year and I know I cannot wait.


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posted Monday, March 25th, 2013 | filed under Harlequin Desire, May 2013

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