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Review: The Greek’s Acquisition – Chantelle Shaw

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 978-0263891119
Page Count: 192 Pages
Price: $ £3.49
Reviewer: Julie Bonello
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.chantelleshaw.com

Sexy, delicious and oh so compelling, Chantelle Shaw’s The Greek’s Acquisition is vintage Modern Romance!

Louise Frobisher is desperate. She needs to raise enough money for her terminally ill mother to have a life-changing operation that could give her the much needed second chance she so desperately craves. Having exhausted all other avenues, Louise realizes that the time has come for her to swallow her pride and come face to face with the one man who had shattered her heart and destroyed her confidence: handsome Greek billionaire Dimitri Kalakos. Louise has never managed to forgive Dimitri for his cruel betrayal – nor has ever managed to vanquish him from her heart. Yet, Louise is prepared to do anything to save her mother’s life – even beg the one man she has never stopped loving for mercy!

Dimitri had been gobsmacked when Louise had walked through the doors of his luxurious offices – and he was absolutely stunned when she made him a business proposition for the one thing he thought his money couldn’t buy: the beautiful island of Eirenne. Dimitri had been yearning to possess Eirenne for years yet Louise had always refused to sell it to him. So what had prompted this sudden change of heart? Wearing a designer dress straight off the Parisian catwalk, eye-wateringly expensive shoes and exclusive items of jewelry, Louise does not look like she is desperate need of cash. Dimitri is convinced that his former flame is keeping something from him, but Louise is remaining tight-lipped. Determined to reclaim Eirenne and desperate to uncover the secrets Louise is hiding, Dimitri decides to play the long game with Louise and begins his ruthless punishment by claiming a passionate kiss that leaves them both breathless!

Louise is adamant that she will not allow Dimitri’s tempting kisses to distract her from her goal of selling Eirenne and giving her mother a chance of survival. However, resisting Dimitri is easier said than done. As old passions rekindle and long-buried emotions come rushing back to the surface, Louise and Dimitri find themselves falling madly in love with one another all over again.

But are they prepared to give their relationship another chance? Or will they continue to let past mistakes, old wounds and devastating secrets to stand in the way of their happiness?

The Greek’s Acquisition is a sensuous contemporary romance that simmers with blazing passion, intense drama and heart-pounding emotion. Chantelle Shaw never fails to grab her readers’ attention from the very first page and keep them engrossed until the last word and in The Greek’s Acquisition she has penned another hugely enjoyable contemporary romance that will keep readers gleefully turning the pages late into the night.

With an intrepid and resourceful heroine, a gorgeous Greek hero who will make readers swoon, a vivid exotic setting, enthralling twists and turns and feel-good romance, The Greek’s Acquisition is another Chantelle Shaw keeper fans of Mills and Boon Modern Romance will definitely not want to miss!

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posted Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

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