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Governess Under the Mistletoe – Elizabeth Beacon

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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 978-0263902372
Page Count: 560 Pages
Price: $ £7.99
Reviewer: Julie Bonello
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Website: N/A

A charming, tender and heartwarming Regency romance, Governess Under the Mistletoe is a fantastic historical by the talented Elizabeth Beacon that is absolutely impossible to resist!

Sophie Bonet and Peter Vane had been inseparable as children. Their childhood friendship had endured and strengthened as the years went by, but when their feelings for one another had given way to something deeper, destiny had intervened and the two lovers had been compelled to go their separate ways. A distraught Sophie had vowed to do her utmost to forget the devastating pain and heart-wrenching betrayal that had cost her the only man she could ever love. Although she knew that she could never have her heart’s desire, Sophie was determined to try and put the past behind her. Being constantly tormented by painful memories of their forbidden love had made it impossible for Sophie to forget about the man she has never been able to vanquish from her heart, but the heartbroken miss soon had far more pressing concerns to think about. With destitution looking like a shocking possibility, Sophie found herself having to use all of her wits in order to survive. With a stroke of luck, Sophie managed to find a job as a governess at Heartsease Hall where she is soon made to feel like a valued member of the household. Although she is treated more like family than a servant, Sophie can never stop feeling wistful about all that she’s lost. But with rumours that Peter has moved on and married a suitable bride, Sophie has resigned herself to the fact that she’ll never seem him again…

Peter Vane, the Earl of Sylbourne, is absolutely livid! Due to his sister’s betrothed inconsiderate behaviour and wretched stubbornness, he has found himself caught up in a snowstorm! With an elderly aunt freezing to death in his carriage, Peter has no other choice but to battle the elements and try and find a roof for the night. After what seems like an eternity of searching, Peter is elated when he stumbles upon the welcoming gates of Heartsease Hall, but his delight soon gives way to horror when he claps eyes on the woman who had broken his heart and dashed all of his hopes and dreams: Sophie Bonet! Peter had been under the impression that after walking all over his heart, Sophie had been living in the lap of luxury – he certainly never expected to find her eking out a living as a governess!

Peter’s instincts are telling him to wreak his revenge upon the woman he has never been able to forget. Yet, his heart is telling him to try and make Sophie see that the only way the two of them can ever feel whole again is if they put the past behind them and give their love a second chance.

Will a Christmas miracle push Peter and Sophie back into one another’s arms again? Or will they continue to let old mistakes come between them?

Elizabeth Beacon is a first-class writer of historical romantic fiction who has penned an outstanding Regency romance that will capture your heart and keep you enthralled from beginning to end! Governess Under the Mistletoe is a poignant, dramatic and heart-rending tale that sparkles with exquisite characters, passionate emotional drama and spellbinding romance.

A beguiling story of love lost and found, second chances and healing from the past, Governess Under the Mistletoe is another phenomenal historical romance from Elizabeth Beacon you will not easily forget!

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posted Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

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