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Review: A Cowboy To Come Home To by Donna Alward

When Melissa Stone walked in on her husband with another woman, she was devastated.  When she found out her best friend Cooper Ford knew about it she was hit with twice the betrayal and hurt.  Three years later she has managed to keep out of Cooper’s path, never realizing that the reason Cooper never said a word was because he was in love with her and did not want her hurt.

Cooper has had enough, he wants Melissa back in his life be it as a friend or the possibility of something more.   When Cooper finds out that Melissa is trying to have a child, he makes an offer to be the father.  His hope is that she will begin to think of him as more than a friend, but when it comes down to it will Melissa be using him as a donor or will she realize that he is the man who stole her heart?
I felt for Cooper, he has wanted to explain for so long but Melissa is pretty bitter about the whole thing.  Living in a small town, she has had enough apologies to last a lifetime.  I thought the emotion between the characters and the fallout over her ex-husband was spot on and relatable. Wonderful story.
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posted Friday, June 21st, 2013 | filed under Harlequin Romance

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