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Review: Unmasking Miss Lacey – Isabelle Goddard

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About the Book:
Genre: historical
ISBN: 9780373306619
Page Count: 304 Pages
Price: $ $6.25
Reviewer: Julie Bonello
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.isabellegoddard.com

Passion, peril and intrigue – Isabelle Goddard’s latest spellbinding Regency romance has got it all!

Lucinda Lacey is in desperate need of money. With her brother in debtors’ prison, Lucinda must raise enough cash to ensure that her beloved sibling’s life isn’t threatened any further. With no other option open to her, the gently bred Lucinda must throw all caution to the wind, wear men’s clothes and risk her life on the open road by adopting the guise of a highwayman. Lucinda has so far managed to evade the long arm of the law, but the burden of fear lays heavily upon her shoulders. With her guardian refusing to help her brother during this trying time, Lucinda must continue to court danger if she is to find the money which her brother so desperately needs. But when during one of her escapades, Lucinda comes across the incorrigible Jack Beaufort, Earl of Frensham, little does she realise that she has just stumbled straight into a situation that is even more dangerous than the hangman’s noose…

With scandal dogging his every move, Jack had decided to leave the bustle and hustle of London for the tranquil surroundings of the Sussex countryside. Jack had imagined spending most of his sojourn enjoying the peace and quiet of the English countryside – he certainly never expected to find himself facing a highwayman’s weapon the very first moment he set foot in Sussex! But worse was to come for Jack. No sooner had he recovered from his rather traumatic ordeal that he found himself locking horns with the delectable Miss Lucinda Lacey – a beautiful young woman whom he’s adamant he’s already met. Lucinda swears that she’s never clapped eyes on him before which makes Jack suspicious that the woman he cannot stop thinking about is hiding a secret so dangerous that she daren’t reveal it to anyone…

An inconvenient attraction to a man like Jack Beaufort is the last thing Lucinda needs! Saving her brother’s life might be uppermost in her mind, but Lucinda cannot stop herself from succumbing to Jack’s tempting kisses! Blazing passion soon gives way to a love that simply cannot be denied, but before Jack and Lucinda can grab this chance at happiness, they must first vanquish evil enemies that could jeopardise their future and everything which they hold dear to their heart.

Is Jack and Lucinda’s love strong enough to triumph against adversity? Or will they let uncontrollable forces destroy their burgeoning happiness?

A splendid read guaranteed to keep readers glued to its pages, Unmasking Miss Lacey is a heart-pounding tale of desire, temptation and danger fans of Regency romances will simply adore! With an honourable and valiant heroine, a dashing hero, emotional twists and turns, pulse-racing drama and breathless adventure, Unmasking Miss Lacey is an enjoyable, poignant and highly intriguing historical romance I couldn’t bear to put down!

Isabelle Goddard has once again outdone herself with this terrific tale and I cannot wait to read more outstanding Regency romances from this hugely talented writer of historical romantic fiction!

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posted Thursday, June 20th, 2013

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