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Review: The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch by Charlene Sands

"Charlene Sands brings her series The Slades of Sunset Ranch to a spectacular conclusion with The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch."
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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 9780373732760
Page Count: 192 pages
Price: $ 5.25
Reviewer: Debby
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.charlenesands.com/


Justin Slade returns home after leaving the Marines a war hero. Needing to share how his friend, Brett, died, he visits the aunt of his deceased friend. Justin is shocked to find himself facing the woman with whom he had an unforgettable weekend 18 months before, when he lost a bet and he and Brett changed identities for the weekend. If that is not enough of a shock, he finds her with a young son who looks surprisingly like him.

Katherine Grady is just as shocked to see Justin walk in. He had seduced her while posing as Brett and she thought he had died in the war. Her circumstances are quite different now. She must now consider her son and Brett’s aunt to whom she has grown fond. Plus Kat has her own secrets.

Is there any hope for a relationship begun with deception?

Justin and Brett switched identities to satisfy a bet, a seemingly harmless action which resulted in life altering changes for more than just those two. In addition, Justin has to deal with things that happened when he was on active duty while Kat has her own past issues that haunt her. Two people, both with pasts affecting their present, united by one little boy. Is that enough to build more?

The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch was an intriguing read. Kat and Justin were both realistically portrayed with the same flaws and issues many of us have. The plot was well played and kept your interest, while the chemistry between Kat and Justin was explosive. A master storyteller, Charlene Sands comes through with another captivating tale, The Secret Heir of Sunset Ranch, a story guaranteed to touch your heart and tug at your emotions.

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posted Sunday, September 29th, 2013

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