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Review: AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY by Annie West

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About the Book:
Genre: contemporary
Reviewer: Donna
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 5 Stars

Billionaire Jonas Deveson discovers that he is still paying his father’s debts long after his death.  But it wasn’t his father that signed that final large check, so it must be his mistress, the housekeeper that induced his father to abandon his mother.  Jonas is determined to have his sweet revenge and make Silvia Ruggiero pay one way or another.

Ravenna Ruggiero is trying to tie up her mother’s estate in Paris.  After the death of her mother’s lover, Silvia has become destitute.  Ravenna is helping by selling off the furnishings and apartment to provide a nest egg for her mother, who is now living in Italy.  Expecting a buyer, Ravenna is surprised by Jonas and his claim that everything belongs to him and that her mother has his stolen money.  Thinking quickly, Ravenna tells Jonas that she forged the check, not her mother, and she will make reparation.  Jonas smugly agrees, informing Ravenna that she will be required to prepare his neglected family mansion for reopening by scrubbing it top to bottom by herself.  But it isn’t long before Jonas joins Ravenna at Deveson Hall, supervising building repairs and Ravenna.   The sexual tension fairly sizzles when they are near each other but Jonas can not help himself.

Bestselling author Annie West enthralls her readers with her exotic romances.  AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY is the story of a dangerously handsome hero and a bright intuitive  heroine who singe the pages with their raging desire for each other.  Never has a misunderstanding caused such unbridled emotion as Jonas‘s belief that Ravenna is a thief.  Sparks fly and the reader reaps the reward of Annie West’s extraordinary talent.

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posted Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

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