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Review: The London Deception by Addison Fox

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About the Book:
Genre: suspense
ISBN: 978-0373278442
Page Count: 288
Price: $ 5.50
Reviewer: Amelia Richard
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Author's Website: http://www.addisonfox.com/

The House of Steele stories are about a security firm run by four family members, and the second book concentrates on the youngest sister. Antiquities are her specialty, and Egyptian pieces are particularly interesting to her. This fascination leads to her becoming entangled in a dangerous assignment, one where her emotions are conflicted time and again. Addison Fox cleverly blends historical facts with her own imaginative ideas to create a challenging adventure for her hero and heroine. Exhilarating escapades and spirited characters make THE LONDON DECEPTION constantly riveting.

Even when Rowan Steele stole some items when she was a teenager, she could appreciate the historical value of something priceless. Now her expertise comes in handy when taking any assignments for The House of Steele, her family’s business that often accepts tasks no one else is willing to try. She has always been a risk-taker, and a possibly dicey situation does not deter her. Her latest undertaking makes her especially happy, as it will let her visit Egypt and explore some of its ancient secrets.

Although Finn Gallagher has his own company that validates the genuineness of an article, he still wants Rowan’s aid in confirming the authenticity of the newest discoveries in Egypt. He is delighted when his offer is accepted and travel plans are made. Both want any artifacts found to be accurately documented and go through the proper channels. However, before they can even begin, physical threats make Rowan and Finn wonder just what is going on.

Romantic suspense stories by Addison Fox are high on adventure plus filled with challenging emotions. There are some secrets in THE LONDON DECEPTION, and each one plays an important part in the futures of Finn and Rowan. Both of these characters are extremely likable, as their personalities are animated and many of their behavioral traits made me smile. Finn give the impression of an easygoing guy, but underneath the calm exterior is a much more complicated man. Since Rowan seems to have changed more than Finn, it was interesting to watch them candidly talk about events in both of their pasts and how they are still affected. The sexual awareness between this couple is very apparent from their first touch, and their desirous feelings are ultimately expressed with a whole lot of steamy heat.

The mysteries in THE LONDON DECEPTION are realistically depicted with much plotting and secrecy. I really enjoy when I cannot tell what is actually happening or know all the people who are involved. Sufficient facts are given to keep me guessing, but not quite enough for me to decide if I am right or not. Addison Fox definitely keep me in the dark for much of the book, and I was completely stunned when every detail is eventually divulged. Two of the Steele siblings have told their romantic stories, and I know the two remaining will also find their lives in plenty of jeopardy before lasting happiness is theirs. THE LONDON DECEPTION is passionately emotional and has one enthralling incident after another.

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posted Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

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