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About CataRomance


CataRomance.com was founded in the Spring of 2001 as the online destination for all things category romance. Currently, the site provides dozens of interviews, excerpts, and hundreds of reviews.

Site Purpose

Our main goals are to promote category romance and it’s authors. To educate the public(that’s you! :)) about category romance and it’s authors. To create awareness about the lines(as they come and go), the publishers, the individual titles, and the authors. To create a community of category romance readers.

Our Audience

Category romance readers from around the world(over 100 countries!)

A part of the CataNetwork

CataRomance was the first site in the network and continues to be the most popular with readers, authors and industry professionals.

What kinds of books are featured on the site?

Category, aka series, romance. For more information, see our definition of category romance.

Meet the People Who Make CataRomance Possible

Donna – Review Coordinator extraordinaire

Amelia Richard
Debby Guyette
Emily Heisler
Julie Bonello
Kimberley Spinney