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What’s the Difference?

Do you know what the difference is between CataRomance.com, SingleTitles.com and the other sites on the Cata Network? Read on to find out. There’ll be a quiz at the end folks, so be good students and pay attention. :)

CataRomance.com is a site dedicated to category, aka series, romance. These are smaller books available in print (and now some are even in ebook format) from these publishers: Harlequin, Silhouette, Heartsong Presents, and Avalon. Visit CataRomance.com (aka Cata) for a complete definition.

SingleTitles.com caters to the bigger single titles of publishers like St. Martins, Kensington, Avon, Tor, Mira, HQN, etc. While there may be a mini series in Single Titles such as Susan Mallery’s The Buchanan’s, each book stands alone in it’s content and guidelines. Single Titles come in print, audio, and now, ebooks.

SensualReads.com (aka Sensual) is for sensual romance and erotica. If you’re a fan of erotic romance, SensuaReads is the place to be.

Watch the reviews on any of these sites and you’ll see we’re adding space for ebook release details.

Why ebooks? They’re quick to purchase, no shipping involved, they save space in your house, and you can take them anywhere. Not to mention we save paper and trees.

So, how do they all fit together in the Cata Network?

Think of the Cata Network as the Momma. The Momma with her own website: catanetwork.com.

And CataRomance, SingleTitles, and SensualReads as the babies. They all fall underneath Momma’s (Cata Network’s) umbrella.

Are there any other sites in the Cata Network you should know about?


CataUniversity.com (aka CataU) is our website for writers, not to mention it’s one of the Top 101 Websites for Writers.

Design.Pixelwareinc.com is our website for authors where we provide design services, promotion, and advice.

And, the new baby on the block – very cute and very cool indeed – is CataURL.com where we take uber long URLs and shorten them down to a manageable size.

Just kidding about the test, but if you have questions, be sure and ask. We don’t bite and we’re here to help!