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Review: Tempting Target (Dangerous in Dallas) by Addison Fox

A very unusual premise for the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries began in the first book, and this story takes what was previously learned and adds more mysteries to further complicate the lives of three best friends. Hidden gemstones are connected to a murder, and those who are being affected by someone’s greed must be careful […]

Review: The Vampire’s Fall by Michele Hauf

There are always loads of interesting characters that possess unique traits in a Harlequin Nocturne release from Michele Hauf, and her latest novel about the Saint-Pierre family definitely has plenty of fascinating paranormal creatures. I counted at least six different supernatural species making an appearance in the story, and their unique personalities greatly contributed to […]

Review: Siren’s Call (Dark Seas) by Debbie Herbert

For the final book in the Dark Seas miniseries, Debbie Herbert lets her imagination rise to new heights as one original situation after another takes place. The world where mermaids live amongst humans is brought to life in realistic ways, and I repeatedly felt as though these mythical creatures just had to be true. Each […]

Review: King’s Ransom (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Anticipation builds as the main couple in the second book of the Man on a Mission miniseries find themselves facing one troublesome dilemma after another. The story is suspenseful because of mounting threats from an unknown source, while powerful emotions can be found in each compelling scene. I never knew what the final outcome was […]

Review: Falling for the Mom-to-Be by Lynne Marshall

A compelling romance and a wide range of emotions can always be found in a book by Lynne Marshall. Add in numerous characters with very real personalities, and the result is a story that is entertainingly believable. The Home in Heartlandia miniseries is especially interesting with its ongoing conflict about the history of a picturesque […]

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