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Review: Sentinels: Leopard Enchanted by Doranna Durgin

The beings known as Sentinels have been clashing with another group of individuals called the Atrum Core for a very long time, and it appears their conflict is definitely not over in the eighth book of the series. In each story about the Sentinels, the premise has been extremely unique with a spirited couple. The […]

Alec’s Royal Assignment (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Each story in the Man on a Mission miniseries has had an original premise and is frequently emotional. There have also been many characters featured in more than one book, as plots have these individuals repeatedly working together to keep others safe. In the third novel of the miniseries, a man already met has his […]

Review: Seduced By The Moon by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

It takes talent to keep creating heroes with whom I instantly come to adore, and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom once again proves she has this skill when she created Gavin Harris. A man who has dedicated to himself to helping others along with the environment, he also has the capacity to deeply feel emotions which influence his […]

Review: Tempting Target (Dangerous in Dallas) by Addison Fox

A very unusual premise for the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries began in the first book, and this story takes what was previously learned and adds more mysteries to further complicate the lives of three best friends. Hidden gemstones are connected to a murder, and those who are being affected by someone’s greed must be careful […]

Review: The Vampire’s Fall by Michele Hauf

There are always loads of interesting characters that possess unique traits in a Harlequin Nocturne release from Michele Hauf, and her latest novel about the Saint-Pierre family definitely has plenty of fascinating paranormal creatures. I counted at least six different supernatural species making an appearance in the story, and their unique personalities greatly contributed to […]

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