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Review: Silken Threats by Addison Fox

With its clever storyline and likable characters, the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries is off to an interesting start. There are a large number of mysteries to be solved, and lots of suspense happens along the way to uncovering much needed answers. The lives of several individuals also become entangled as they become caught up in […]

Review: Wolf Born by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

The Wolf Moons series continues with more captivating books, and the uniqueness in the prior stories is evident all throughout WOLF BORN. With atypical paranormal traits possessed by the main couple, they are like no other supernatural being. Their distinctive behavior makes the story constantly engrossing, as I never knew what they would be able […]

Review: Taken by the Con by C.J. Miller

Two individuals want a current FBI case to be successful for vastly different reasons. The motives of the man deal with personal happiness while longing for an esteemed career pushes the woman. Forced to work together, past events in their lives greatly affect many of their decisions, while opposing personalities add lots of conflict. Whether […]

Review: Alpha Rising (Sentinels) by Doranna Durgin

In the Sentinels miniseries, there is always danger to a special group of beings plus the land where they live. In the seventh story, mysteries related to numerous strange events mount with no clear answers readily forthcoming. The Sentinels know about one devious enemy whom they have fought for years, but there are loads of […]

Review: The Eligible Suspect (Ivy Avengers) by Jennifer Morey

For the fourth book in the Ivy Avengers miniseries, the story is about a woman who is a member of a well-known Hollywood family and a man who lives by his own rules. When a frame-up causes them to become entangled in one dangerous situation after another, personal beliefs will be tested while unexpected feelings […]

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