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Review: Justice Hunter (Cold Case Detectives) by Jennifer Morey

Dark Alley Investigations was started by a man who know all too well about the heartbreak of losing a loved one and not having those responsible for the death caught. Cases gone cold are much harder to sort out, but having committed employees helps his company to bring closure to families for whom no answers […]

Review: Captivating the Witch by Michele Hauf

Characters created by Michele Hauf are always unique, and none have been more distinctive than demon Edamite Thrash. Living in Paris, he has taken it upon himself to make certain other demons are kept safe yet they must behave and not draw the notice of humans. When he crosses paths with a spirited witch named […]

Review: Guarding His Royal Bride (Conspiracy Against the Crown) by C.J. Miller

For the second book in the Conspiracy Against the Crown miniseries, C.J. Miller has more members belonging to a royal family being threatened by unidentified enemies. When one of the women in danger ends up wed to the ruler of a neighboring country, his main reason for marrying her gradually changes with every new interaction. […]

Review: A Mother for His Adopted Son by Lynne Marshall

The skilled writing of Lynne Marshall once again brings an extremely emotional storyline to life with believable circumstances and likable characters. Interwoven with a tragic medical problem is a potential romance between two individuals with past issues that continue to haunt them as adults. Much must be resolved before the couple can move on and […]

Review: One Night Before Christmas by Susan Carlisle

ONE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS perfectly interweaves medical careers with sports, romance and the holiday season to create a story that constantly enthralls. Susan Carlisle always manages to make her main couple lovable, even if they make mistakes like in real life. Though Dr. Dalton Reynolds and Dr. Melanie Hyde are pleased when anyone they are […]

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