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Review: Loyal Wolf (Alpha Force) by Linda O. Johnston

When there seems to be something amiss in a typical community in Montana, one woman will not let others keep her from following through on a secret investigation. When the heroine asks for assistance, she had no idea those sent in to help would use abilities which she thought were only fictional. Now it is […]

Review: Under the Sheik’s Protection by C.J. Miller

Sometimes an obligation is the reason a person takes a certain action, even when there is another path they actually want to follow. Since the hero was born into a family that rules a desert Middle Eastern country and he is its new emir, he is duty-bound to follow the rules of Qamsar. Yet when […]

Review: A Doctor for Keeps by Lynne Marshall

The Heartlandia miniseries begins with a story which centers on a town in Oregon with a picturesque setting and friendly citizens. In the first book, the focus is on two residents, one a lifelong dweller while the other has just arrived and is looking for answers to personal questions. What happens when these two meet […]

Review: Fiona Lowe’s Weddings by Fiona Lowe

 The Outback region of Australia is remote, and the people who live there are thankful for those in the medical profession who are willing to go beyond duty. One of the stories in FIONA LOWE’S WEDDINGS is about two very dedicated individuals giving medical assistance wherever it is needed, and the other tells of a […]

Review: Hot on the Hunt (ICE: Black Ops Defenders) by Melissa Cutler

 The latest ICE: Black Ops Defenders story has a tormented hero and a gutsy heroine who must battle numerous enemies, treacherous weather conditions and even themselves to stay alive another day. Melissa Cutler makes any scene where this couple faces an emotional issue just as captivating as the situations filled with danger that constantly arise. […]

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