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Review: Nanny Makes Three by Cat Schield

When Liam Wade is mistaken as the father of his twin brother’s child, Liam does what he knows he must. He take in his young fussy niece and looks for a nanny as fast as he can. Hadley Stratton responds to the call for a nanny. She knows all about Liam’s reputation with the ladies […]

Review: Bane by Brenda Jackson

Brisbane Westmoreland has spent five years in the Navy and is now a SEAL. He feels he is ready to return and reclaim his woman. He tracks her down in Dallas and goes to find her. But when he arrives, He finds Crystal Newsome is not as eager for a reunion as he is.. Crystal […]

Review: One Night with a Viking by Harper St. George

Abandoned by his mother and barely tolerated by his father, Gunnar grew up craving love but always left feeling he did not deserve any. Leaving for Saxon lands, Gunnar visit his childhood sweetheart. When she offers herself to him, Gunnar cannot resist the lure of one night in her bed. He leaves the next morning […]

Review: The Demure Miss Manning by Amanda McCabe

Mary Manning grew up following her father on one diplomatic mission after another. She knew how to behave and kissing Sebastian Barrett, a military hero, was not the way to behave appropriately. It was a mistake she would regret. When a mission in Brazil throws them together again, Mary and Sebastian find themselves unable to […]

Review: Smoky Mountain Setup by Paula Graves

Cade Landry, an ex-FBI agent has been on the run for two years. He is tired and knows it is time to clear his name. There is only one person he can turn to – his former partner and lover, Olivia Sharp. But trusting Olivia may not be the best thing to do. It may […]

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