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Review: Infiltration by Janie Crouch

Cameron Branson has been undercover for many months now trying to bring down the head of DS-13, the man responsible for the brutal murder of his partner. All his work may come undone when his ex-girlfriend interrupts an undercover operation. Sophia Reardon works for the FBI but as a graphic designer. Her job is not […]

Review: Because of the Baby by Cat Schield

Baby Grace was born prematurely when her mother was injured in a car accident during a tornado. Her survival has been a miracle that is much appreciated by her mother’s sister, Lark Taylor. She plans on caring for the baby while her sister remains in a coma. The baby’s father is nowhere to be found […]

Review: The Fireman’s Ready Made Family by Jules Bennett

Nursing a young fire victim is never easy. But the handsome firefighter who sits vigil makes it easier for Marly Haskins. Chief Drake St. John stirs her desires but he is a tall, handsome and powerful man just like her ex, who continues to torment her and refuses to let her go. Drake recognizes fear […]

Review: Scotland for Christmas by Cathryn Parry

Jacob Ross needs to uncover the truth about his father’s death before he can move on in his chosen career. The man who has those answer is John Sage. The key to meeting him is Isabel Sage, his niece. A weekend spent as her bodyguard is just what he needs to get the truth. Jacob […]

Review: Scandalously Expecting His Child by Olivia Gates

When self-made billionaire Raiden Kuroshiro escaped his brutal past, he vowed to reclaim the heritage that was stolen from him. With his engagement to Megumi, he is close to achieving his goals. Then the one woman who betrayed him, the one woman he never forgot, returns and Raiden finds himself unable to stay away from […]

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