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Review: Scotland for Christmas by Cathryn Parry

Jacob Ross needs to uncover the truth about his father’s death before he can move on in his chosen career. The man who has those answer is John Sage. The key to meeting him is Isabel Sage, his niece. A weekend spent as her bodyguard is just what he needs to get the truth. Jacob […]

Review: Scandalously Expecting His Child by Olivia Gates

When self-made billionaire Raiden Kuroshiro escaped his brutal past, he vowed to reclaim the heritage that was stolen from him. With his engagement to Megumi, he is close to achieving his goals. Then the one woman who betrayed him, the one woman he never forgot, returns and Raiden finds himself unable to stay away from […]

Review: Christmas at the Cove by Rachel Brimble

Scott Walker has worked hard since his father walked out on the family all those years ago. He has been successful as a mechanic, supporting his sisters and mother. His business is thriving. Women like him and he has always been honest with them. His life in on track. Then Carrie Jameson, the one woman […]

Review: From Enemy’s Daughter to Expectant Bride by Olivia Gates

With his financial life thriving as a member of the Black Castle Brotherhood, Rafael Salazar return to Rio de Janeiro to exact revenge on the man who stole his childhood. He plans a ball to lure in his enemy but Rafael is taken off guard when he spies a beautiful woman who touches him in […]

Review: The Surgeon’s Christmas Wish by Annie O’Neill

Running a ski clinic in beautiful Deer Creek is world away from New York and Tara Braxton’s cheating, research-steeling ex-fiancé. The beautiful mountain town has allowed Tara to heal and return to her first love of treating patients. Then she hires Dr. Fraser MacKenzie and her peaceful life comes to an end. With his haunted […]

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