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Review: A Second Chance at Crimson Ranch by Michelle Major

Olivia Wilder is sure love is not for her, especially after her marriage dies a dramatic death with the entire town of Crimson watching and affected. But one dance with Logan Travers makes her realize that she had not died with the marriage. She knows she must leave Crimson but cannot leave until she picks […]

Review: Pregnant by the Sheikh by Olivia Gates

Sheikh Numair Al Aswad has set himself a goal. He wants an heir, but he also wants to recover his throne, something he feels was stolen from him when he was a child. He plans to use Princess Jenan Aal Ghamdi to achieves these goals. He rescues her from an arranged marriage with the price […]

Review: Breaking Her No Dating Rule by Amalie Berlin

Massage therapist, Ellory Star, knows she needs a change in her life. After another failed relationship, she returns home for some time to explore herself. To that end, she resolves to not date again until she feels she is ready for more. She did not count on being snowed in with a sexy ER and […]

Review: How to Find a Man in Five Dates by Tina Beckett

Dr. Miranda Dupris is done with men and relationships. She resolves to only have first dates and decides twenty-five for the year is a good number. Her friend Mallory is on the same page and makes her own resolution. To make it more interesting, they bet $100 on the success of their resolutions. Dr. Jack […]

Review: The Secret Affair by Brenda Jackson

Jillian Novak and Aidan Westmoreland fell in love but kept their affair secret for three years. Then a year ago, a misunderstanding occurred and the two broke up. Now Aidan has decided to put an end to their separation and plans for Jillian to be on a cruise at the same time as he is. […]

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