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Review: The Runaway Daughter by Lauri Robinson

Brock Ness struggled to pay off his injured father’s debts by playing in local gin joint. He thinks he finally has a chance to make it big when h is called for a spot on a radio show in Chicago. Landing the gig is easy but what is he going to do with Ginger Nightingale? […]

Review: The Billionaire’s Daddy Test by Charlene Sands

Mia D’Angelo has been taking care of her late sister’s baby. She has also been trying to track down baby Rose’s father. She finally finds Adam Chase at his beachfront mansion, but Mia must be sure he would take good care of little Rose. She concocts a plan to meet him casually and that is […]

Review: Leverage by Janie Crouch

Dylan Branson enjoys his solitary life making a living as a pilot. He used to be an agent for Omega Sector and still does the occasional job for them, especially when one of siblings needs his help. Now he has been asked to deliver some codes to Omega Sector, codes that could save millions of […]

Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure by Tawny Weber

Navy SEAL Gabriel Thorne works with explosives both at work and in his private life. The one job is very dangerous and the other is lots of fun. Then he meets Tessa Monroe and none of his previous tried and true methods seem to work. He decides it will require different type of explosive and […]

Review: Untraceable by Janie Crouch

Omega Sector Agents Evan Karcz and Juliet Branson were amazing as undercover agents Bob and Lisa Sinclair. That is until Juliet was brutally attacked and left traumatized. Now she prefers the safety of paperwork to field work. When word reaches Bob Sinclair that military secrets are being auctioned, Even knows he must help Juliet regain […]

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