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Review: Secret Garden by Cathryn Parry

Rhiannon MacDowell hides within her family’s estate and spends her time painting beautiful landscapes. Very few have seen her and even fewer know why she hides. All that changes with one golf ball. Colin Walker was once Rhiannon’s best friend. As children they explored every where they could. Now Colin is a pro golfer but […]

Review: The Bootlegger’s Daughter by LauriRobinson

Norma Rose Nightingale has worked hard to make the family resort a success. She has succeeded but knows that that the success could be fleeting. When stranger Ty Bradshaw walks into her life, she is not willing to trust him as readily as her father did. She is sure he is more than it seems […]

Review: Claiming His Secret Son by Olivia Gates

As a young teen, Richard Graves was trained to be a lethal operative. Only one woman has even gotten under the skin of Richard Graves, and that was Isabella Sandoval. Vowing revenge on the man who ruined him and his family, Richard seduced Isabella as a means to an end. He never meant for her […]

Review: The Runaway Daughter by Lauri Robinson

Brock Ness struggled to pay off his injured father’s debts by playing in local gin joint. He thinks he finally has a chance to make it big when h is called for a spot on a radio show in Chicago. Landing the gig is easy but what is he going to do with Ginger Nightingale? […]

Review: The Billionaire’s Daddy Test by Charlene Sands

Mia D’Angelo has been taking care of her late sister’s baby. She has also been trying to track down baby Rose’s father. She finally finds Adam Chase at his beachfront mansion, but Mia must be sure he would take good care of little Rose. She concocts a plan to meet him casually and that is […]

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