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Review: MOUNTAIN RESCUE by Hope White

Billie Bronson is finally ready to face her demons, she is hiking to the very spot along the Cascade Mountain trail where she and her husband Rick had been rescued a short year ago. That first hike was suppose to be a way to get their marriage back on track but they had argued and […]

Review: THE TEXAN’S LITTLE SECRET by Barbara White Daille

Carly Baron is needed at home to help with her cantankerous seventy year old father after he broke his leg in a senior’s rodeo event. She didn’t want to return to Roughneck, especially since the man who trampled her heart has become the ranch manager. Much has happened since Carly last saw Luke Nobel, including […]

Review: A PERFECT TRADE by Anna Sugden

Puck bunny Jenny Martin grew up the hard way. After her parents’ accidental deaths, she and her little sister were put in the care of their uncle, Pastor Douglas Boult. Only Pastor Boult paid teenage Jenny the wrong kind of attention and she had no one to turn to except her boyfriend Truman Jelinek. Unfortunately, […]


Impatient to get away from the snooty, judgmental, London society, Elizabeth Harrison says goodbye to her aunt assuring her that her former schoolmate and best friend Lillian is waiting for her in the Scottish countryside. Elizabeth’s family sent her to England to marry a titled gentlemen but all she found was poor gentry wanting to […]

Review: DATING A SINGLE DAD by Kris Fletcher

Brynn Catalano is all about family and that is why she finds herself in Comeback Cove planning a huge centennial celebration for a family owned dairy. Her real reason for traveling to Comeback Cove is to help her cousin, Taylor, realize that she is still in love with her fiance and not with his brother. […]

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