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Review: AN HEIRESS FOR HIS EMPIRE by Lucy Monroe

Rich heiress Madison Archer was devastated when she saw the tabloids and realized a trusted friend had betrayed her. Perry Timwater took advantage of their friendship by selling a scandalous and totally untrue story about their intimate relationship and Madison’s proclivity toward multiple partners and BDSM. Madison admittedly parties and is a media favorite but […]

Review: The Chatsfield Rebel’s Bargain by Annie West

Wealthy adventurer Orsino Chatsfield is well known for his daredevil escapades but this time his mortality caught up with him. He was nearly killed by an avalanche and is in danger of losing his eyesight. Lying in the hospital, Orsino can think of only one person he needs; Poppy Graham. On the surface, Orsino believes […]

Review: TEXAS HOLIDAY MIRACLE by Linda Warren

Lacey Carroll has moved home to Horseshoe, Texas to start a new chapter in her life. Since her father’s death, she has become guardian of her six-year-old half sister, Emma. Most days Lacey feels she has the whole parenting thing down, but then there are days when she has no idea what to do. Like […]

Review: HIS FAVORITE COWGIRL by Leigh Duncan

Hank Judd is determined to be the father his daughter deserves. Filling in as the manager at the Circle P Ranch will give him that opportunity. He has been a distant parent for most of his ten-year-old’s life and it is time he started making up for it. There is only one problem, Kelly Tompkins, […]

Review: COVERT CHRISTMAS by Hope White

During a Rescue training exercise, Search and Rescue K-9 handler Breanna McBride witnesses an injured man being hunted by two armed men. When the assailants leave the area, Bree rushes to help the wounded stranger. She is drawn to him despite his memory loss and the danger he is in and feels she must help […]

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