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Review: HER CONVENIENT COWBOY by Lacy Williams

Davy White is annoyed that his adopted brother has up and left the ranch. There are plenty of family members to help run the place but Davy and Ricky had plans to winter a heard of cattle that they bought then sell them for a profit. Instead, Davy will be working the cattle alone while […]

Review: PAYBACK by Hope White

Nia Sharpe’s first instinct was to warn her boss, resort manager Aiden McBride, about the two strange men that were looking for him. Something was not quite right about the two. Nia rushed up the hiking trail to Pleasant Point, where Aiden was camping, when she couldn’t get in touch with him by phone. Spooked […]

Review: A RANCHER OF HER OWN by Barbara White Daille

Jedediah Garland, owner of The Hitching Post Hotel and Ranch, has a plan for his three granddaughters. He wants to spend his last years surrounded by family and it seems his girls need a little help to find their mates and to settle down in Cowboy Creek, New Mexico. Jedediah has already worked his match […]

B.J. Daniels Lone Rider Blog Tour

LONE RIDER by B.J. Daniels A cowgirl at heart, Bo Hamilton does her best thinking in wide-open spaces. So when money goes missing from the family foundation, Bo rides into the Crazy Mountains to figure things out. But a killer hiding among the sawtooth ridges takes her captive and isn’t planning on ever letting her […]

Review: WAGON TRAIN SWEETHEART by Lacy Williams

The Hewitt siblings are traveling west for a fresh start. Emma Hewitt’s heart isn’t in the move but she goes along with her brother and sister. In fact, they have arranged a marriage for her at the end of the journey in Oregon. On the trip, Emma meets Nathan Reed, a man hired by the […]

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