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Review: SAFE IN THE TYCOON’S ARMS by Jennifer Faye

Kate Whitley is running on pure adrenaline, her daughter is in the hospital waiting for a life saving operation that Kate can not afford. In fact, she is relying on the goodness of a stranger by staying in an empty house close to the hospital that the stranger knows about while she tries to figure […]

Review: BLAME IT ON THE RODEO by Amanda Renee

Lexi Lawson never planned to return to Ramblewood, Texas after completing veterinary school, especially since her decision had been based on heartbreak and tough choices. But Lexi was given an opportunity by Joe Langtry that she couldn’t turn down and now she had to learn to live with her pain. The source of part of […]

Review: DARING TO TRUST THE BOSS by Susan Meier

Olivia Prentiss is living on her own in New York and is determined to do well and not let her past define her. Her first job is as an accountant for Inferno but she is dispatched instead to the company’s owner and CEO, Tucker Engle, as his temporary personal assistant. Olivia is anything but a […]

Review: A RANCH TO KEEP by Claire McEwen

Self-sufficient Samantha Rylant is inconsolable. Her cherished Grandmother Ruth died and left Samantha the family ranch. Sam remembers the lighthearted summers spent with her grandparents and the cocoon of love that surrounded her when she stepped into their arms. Those visits stopped when she went to college and started a path to her prestigious marketing […]

Review: SECOND CHANCE FAMILY by Leigh Duncan

Courtney Smith is starting over as a widowed parent with a young son and baby daughter and large shoes to fill. Her husband was a famous baseball player but he was another kind of player as well. Just before his death in a car accident, Courtney found out that her husband, Ryan, had been cheating […]

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