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Archives:: April 2013

Review: TALK OF THE TOWN by Beth Andrews

Neil Pettit feels out of place in his own hometown of Shady Grove, Pennsylvania where everyone knows everything about everyone else and the past can never be lived down. Neil may  be a big time hockey player for the NHL now but when he returns home to Shady Grove all his insecurities rise up to […]

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Review: A GAME WITH ONE WINNER by Lynn Raye Harris

Five years ago Caroline Sullivan gave up her true love in order to save the family business, the Sullivan Department store empire.  She was forced to marry the son of an important investor and though she became close friends with her late husband she could never forget her first love Roman Kazarov or the secret […]

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Review: YOU ARE INVITED… by Holly Jacobs

Mathilda Keith has always had the wanderlust, looking for the next place to explore and earning her the nick name, Waltzing Matilda.  But when her best friend Bridget needed her, Mattie returned to Valley Ridge to be with her when she lost her battle with cancer.  Bridget asked Mattie to be her children’s guardian and […]

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Review: Project: Runaway Heiress by Heidi Betts

Lily Zaccaro is determined to find the thief who is stealing her designs. She has just the perfect plan. She applies for a job at the rival company and is hired as the personal assistant to the very sexy Nigel Stratham, the CEO of the rival label. Working closely through many a long night proves […]

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Review: Special Forces Rendezvous by Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy states in her note to readers that she wishes the hero of SPECIAL FORCES RENDEZVOUS could actually be real, and I wholeheartedly agree with her after reading the story. A more ideal man could not have been written for the extremely feisty heroine, as this couple fights to keep others safe while their […]

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