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Review: Three Cowboys by Julie Miller, Dana Marton and Paula Graves

For years, the three McCabe brothers have gone their separate ways. Now all three return home to resolve a family crisis before it is to late for one member of their family. Julie Miller tells the story of “Virgil.” A police detective in Chicago, Virgil “Bull” has not been home in ten years. Only a […]

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Review: The Spy Who Saved Christmas by Dana Marton

Two years ago Reid Graham could not resist Lara Jordan and they spent one fabulous night together, a night that ended in disaster when her shop and his shop exploded, leaving her alone and pregnant with twins. Lara is understandably shocked when she sees him in a restaurant with a woman. Deciding to talk to […]

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Review: Tall, Dark and Lethal by Dana Marton

Dana Marton knows how to deliver tense, taut and very sexy tales. Tall, Dark, and Lethal is a perfect example. Injured during a mission, Cade Palmer has retired from the danger but knows he cannot completely quit until he eliminates one more man. Making his plans to find him may have to wait when Cade […]

Review: Sheik Protector by Dana Marton

Julia Gardner arrives in Beharrain in search of Aziz, the father of her unborn child. She finds instead danger when her search leads her to Aziz’s brother, Karim. Approaching him at a bad time, Karim tells her Aziz is gone as he tries to save her and himself from a car bomb. When Karim learns […]

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Meet Dana Marton – Talented Author for Intrigue

Welcome Dana, we are delighted to have you here and would love to learn more about you and your books. First, please give us a little background about yourself. –I always wanted to write, but becoming a romance writer was a long process. It took me 12+ years to get published. Good thing I love […]

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