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Review: The Billionaire’s Bridal Bargain by Lynn Graham

Cesare Sabatino wants to obtain the small Mediterranean Island which used to belong to his family. His grandmother is aging and wishes to spend some time there. He had decided to never marry but that was not due to a lack of willing women. However, he may not have a choice if he wants that […]

Review: From Fake to Forever by Kat Cantrell

After a night of tequila and sexing Las Vegas, Meredith Chandler-Harris and Jason Lyndhurst married but quickly realized that was not to be and decided that the paperwork would not be filed. Now two years later, Meredith has just learned that the marriage was filed and is, indeed, valid. A quiet, speedy divorce is the […]

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Live Chat with Jennifer Hayward April 14!!

Live chat with Harlequin Presents author Jennifer Hayward on April 14 at 4PM.  Jennifer will be discussing her book The Italian’s Deal For I Do. We are also happy to announce that Advantage Bridal  is sponsoring the chat and we are giving away their Bridal Emergency Kit!

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Announcing CataNetwork Reviewers’ Choice Awards 2014

CataNetwork is proud to announce the winners of our Reviewers’ Choice Awards for 2014. Our reviewers are fortunate to read many outstanding books during the year and it is practically impossible to choose only one per category or one per genre. Thank you to all the gifted writers, please accept our sincere appreciation for sharing […]

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Blog: Georgie Lee on Rescued from Ruin

We loved Georgie Lee’s second Harlequin Historical, Rescued from Ruin, so we spoke to Georgie and asked her to tell us a little bit about the history behind her fabulous historical romance! When I tell people I write historical romance, they often remark that I must do a lot of research. They are right. However, […]

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