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Several things led to physical therapist Abby Winchester traveling to Ramblewood, Texas from her home in Charleston, South Carolina. It began with receiving a cryptic note from her biological father after his death. It read simply, “Find you sister.” Which was a perplexity since Abby didn’t have a sister, or a least not one she […]

Review: THE BABY BONANZA by Jacqueline Diamond

Ultrasound technician Zora Raditch can’t seem to let go and live her life without her former husband. Right after they signed the divorce papers, Zora discovered she is pregnant with twins and despite her ex-husband already being remarried, Zora holds out hope that he will fall in love with their children and they will become […]

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Review: THE COWBOY’S LITTLE SURPRISE by Barbara White Daille

Jedediah Garland knows that family is the most important thing in the world but his family is scattered and he is feeling the loss. Just when he thinks things will never change a small glimmer of an idea gives root to a plan to gather his family back to Cowboy Creek, New Mexico. It begins […]

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Review: TEXAS HOLIDAY MIRACLE by Linda Warren

Lacey Carroll has moved home to Horseshoe, Texas to start a new chapter in her life. Since her father’s death, she has become guardian of her six-year-old half sister, Emma. Most days Lacey feels she has the whole parenting thing down, but then there are days when she has no idea what to do. Like […]

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Review: HIS FAVORITE COWGIRL by Leigh Duncan

Hank Judd is determined to be the father his daughter deserves. Filling in as the manager at the Circle P Ranch will give him that opportunity. He has been a distant parent for most of his ten-year-old’s life and it is time he started making up for it. There is only one problem, Kelly Tompkins, […]

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