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Review: A RANCHER OF HER OWN by Barbara White Daille

Jedediah Garland, owner of The Hitching Post Hotel and Ranch, has a plan for his three granddaughters. He wants to spend his last years surrounded by family and it seems his girls need a little help to find their mates and to settle down in Cowboy Creek, New Mexico. Jedediah has already worked his match […]

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Review: TEXAS REBELS: EGAN by Linda Warren

Twelve years ago Rachel Hollister left her hometown of Horseshoe, Texas guilt-ridden and vowing never to return but here she is, lost. Trying to put off the family reunion, Rachel took the long way home only to find that the roads have changed and now she is out in the boondocks with a broken down […]

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Several things led to physical therapist Abby Winchester traveling to Ramblewood, Texas from her home in Charleston, South Carolina. It began with receiving a cryptic note from her biological father after his death. It read simply, “Find you sister.” Which was a perplexity since Abby didn’t have a sister, or a least not one she […]

Review: THE BABY BONANZA by Jacqueline Diamond

Ultrasound technician Zora Raditch can’t seem to let go and live her life without her former husband. Right after they signed the divorce papers, Zora discovered she is pregnant with twins and despite her ex-husband already being remarried, Zora holds out hope that he will fall in love with their children and they will become […]

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Review: THE COWBOY’S LITTLE SURPRISE by Barbara White Daille

Jedediah Garland knows that family is the most important thing in the world but his family is scattered and he is feeling the loss. Just when he thinks things will never change a small glimmer of an idea gives root to a plan to gather his family back to Cowboy Creek, New Mexico. It begins […]

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