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Review: HIS FAVORITE COWGIRL by Leigh Duncan

Hank Judd is determined to be the father his daughter deserves. Filling in as the manager at the Circle P Ranch will give him that opportunity. He has been a distant parent for most of his ten-year-old’s life and it is time he started making up for it. There is only one problem, Kelly Tompkins, […]

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Review: THE SURPRISE TRIPLETS by Jacqueline Diamond

  When Melissa and Edmond married, they resolved not to have children. But after Melissa’s parents died in a car accident, things began to change for Melissa and she thought things could change for Edmond too. Edmond, however, couldn’t believe Melissa altered her feelings on the subject and so took matters into his own hands […]

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Review: THE TEXAN’S LITTLE SECRET by Barbara White Daille

Carly Baron is needed at home to help with her cantankerous seventy year old father after he broke his leg in a senior’s rodeo event. She didn’t want to return to Roughneck, especially since the man who trampled her heart has become the ranch manager. Much has happened since Carly last saw Luke Nobel, including […]

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Review: A BABY FOR THE DOCTOR by Jacqueline Diamond

Surgical nurse Anya Meeks hooked up with handsome surgeon Jack Ryder on New Year’s Eve, a big mistake because the two work together. Unfortunately, it is an evening they can not forget because Anya is now pregnant and is totally unwilling to raise a child after her own lost childhood. Anya’s mother depended on her […]

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Review: THE BULL RIDER’S FAMILY by Leigh Duncan

Emma Shane has had enough, she is leaving the hustle and bustle of New York City and her job as sous chef under a loud demanding master chef to become a cook on a ranch in Glades County, Florida. This is a big detour in her career but the tranquility and time with her daughter […]

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