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Review: BLAME IT ON THE RODEO by Amanda Renee

Lexi Lawson never planned to return to Ramblewood, Texas after completing veterinary school, especially since her decision had been based on heartbreak and tough choices. But Lexi was given an opportunity by Joe Langtry that she couldn’t turn down and now she had to learn to live with her pain. The source of part of […]

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Review: SECOND CHANCE FAMILY by Leigh Duncan

Courtney Smith is starting over as a widowed parent with a young son and baby daughter and large shoes to fill. Her husband was a famous baseball player but he was another kind of player as well. Just before his death in a car accident, Courtney found out that her husband, Ryan, had been cheating […]

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Review: RANCHER AT RISK by Barbara White Daille

Ryan Mallory should feel lucky that his boss, Caleb Cantrell, decided to take another chance on him after his dreadful behavior but the pain of losing his wife and young son has made an untidy mess of his life. Still, Ryan is grateful for this second opportunity in Flagman’s Folly, New Mexico as ranch foreman. […]

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Review: HIS BABY DREAM by Jacqueline Diamond

This baby dream comes true… Widower Peter Gladstone never expects to meet anyone that can take his wife’s place in his heart but he does want children.  He turns to the fertility specialists at Safe Harbor Medical for assistance.  With the help of donor eggs and a surrogate mom, Peter will finally have the family […]

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Review: THE BABY JACKPOT by Jacqueline Diamond

Nurse Stacy Layne had always wanted a family of her own but when her marriage broke up, she decided to help others have their families.  Stacy was the first to donate eggs to the fertility clinic at Safe Harbor and the recipient instantly became pregnant with twins.  Reeling from her unexpected feelings upon hearing about […]

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