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Review: Triple Dare by Regina Kyle

World fashion photographer Ivy Nelson comes home to help with some family issues. While home, she agrees to help out a local photographer by completing the shoot for a charity calendar. She never expected one of the subjects would be her high school friend and fantasy, Cade Hardesty. When a dare leads to an amazing […]

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Review: A SEAL’s Temptation by Tawny Weber

Since taking over her Mom’s quirky coffee shop in Little Lake ID, Lark Summers has not bee very happy. She wants to keep her mother’s shop viable in her memory, but there does not seem to be even a man in sight who touches her senses. Not to mention, she misses her art. Her friends […]

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Review: Riding Home by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Jeanette Trenton knew her presence at the Last Chance Ranch would be met with gossip mongers swirling. With her shoulders back and head held high she stakes whatever is thrown her way and happens to meet Cowboy Zach Powell. Zach knows her story, a tainted one at that. However, Zach doesn’t have to choose sides […]

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Review: A SEAL’s Pleasure by Tawny Weber

Navy SEAL Gabriel Thorne works with explosives both at work and in his private life. The one job is very dangerous and the other is lots of fun. Then he meets Tessa Monroe and none of his previous tried and true methods seem to work. He decides it will require different type of explosive and […]

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Review: Triple Time by Regina Kyle

Gabe Nelson wants to run for District Attorney, but it seems he has a problem – he is too boring and can be stiff socially. Running into his sister’s friend, Devin Padilla, is good fortune. Gabe knows that Devin, a tattoo artist, is perfect to help him. In exchange for searching for her brother, Devin […]

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