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Review: Seducing His Princess by Olivia Gates

  Mohab Aal Ghaanam once had the love of this life, Jala Aal Masood, and lost her. Now he has the means to get her back as he had sworn all those years ago. As a new king, he has some lever age to get her to marry him and thus prevent a feud from erupting […]

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Review : The Real Thing by Brenda Jackson

Trinity Matthews needs a pretend boyfriend and fast. She approaches Adrian Westmoreland with her proposition and Adrian cannot help but agree to come to her aid. What red blooded male could resist escorting a beautiful woman? Adrian soon finds himself enjoying her company and experiences difficulty keeping his hands to himself. What does he do […]

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Review: The Texas Renegade Returns byCharlene Sands

Having recovered his memory, Alex del Toro resolves to accomplish two things – expose his kidnapper and win back the love of his fiancée. Alex knew he came to Royal, Texas under false pretenses, but his feeling for Cara Windsor are pure and true. Convincing her may not be easy, she is also the daughter […]

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Review: Snowbound With a Billionaire by Jules Bennett

Max Ford returns to his hometown in order to care for his mother who is recovering from surgery. At the same time, he hopes to connect with his first love in order to obtain some closure. When he left his hometown many years ago, he left behind Raine Monroe who was to join him in […]

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Review: What a Rancher Wants by Sarah M. Anderson

Chance McDaniel’s life changed when his best friend was kidnapped and he became the prime suspect for the crime. His friend is back but with no memory. It turns out Alex is not even who he said he was. His sister, Gabriella del Toro, arrives to help him recover and Chance finds himself entranced. Getting […]

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