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Review: Nanny Makes Three by Cat Schield

When Liam Wade is mistaken as the father of his twin brother’s child, Liam does what he knows he must. He take in his young fussy niece and looks for a nanny as fast as he can. Hadley Stratton responds to the call for a nanny. She knows all about Liam’s reputation with the ladies […]

Review: Bane by Brenda Jackson

Brisbane Westmoreland has spent five years in the Navy and is now a SEAL. He feels he is ready to return and reclaim his woman. He tracks her down in Dallas and goes to find her. But when he arrives, He finds Crystal Newsome is not as eager for a reunion as he is.. Crystal […]

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Review: Breaking Bailey’s Rules by Brenda Jackson

Bailey Westmoreland has her rules for living. Her first rule is to never fall for a man who could take her away from her family. But when Bailey Offends Walker Rafferty, she knows she needs to apologize. She decides to follow Walker to his ranch in Alaska. Once there, she knows she cannot leave him […]

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Review: A Royal Baby Surprise by Cat Schield

Brooke Davis realizes she should not have chased the man who broke her heart but she feels she should tell him in person that she is pregnant. Once she finds him, Nic Alessandro reveals a few of his own secrets. He is royalty and needs to return home to take his place and perform his […]

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Review: Claiming His Secret Son by Olivia Gates

As a young teen, Richard Graves was trained to be a lethal operative. Only one woman has even gotten under the skin of Richard Graves, and that was Isabella Sandoval. Vowing revenge on the man who ruined him and his family, Richard seduced Isabella as a means to an end. He never meant for her […]

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