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Review: Pregnant by the Sheikh by Olivia Gates

Sheikh Numair Al Aswad has set himself a goal. He wants an heir, but he also wants to recover his throne, something he feels was stolen from him when he was a child. He plans to use Princess Jenan Aal Ghamdi to achieves these goals. He rescues her from an arranged marriage with the price […]

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Review: The Secret Affair by Brenda Jackson

Jillian Novak and Aidan Westmoreland fell in love but kept their affair secret for three years. Then a year ago, a misunderstanding occurred and the two broke up. Now Aidan has decided to put an end to their separation and plans for Jillian to be on a cruise at the same time as he is. […]

Review: Because of the Baby by Cat Schield

Baby Grace was born prematurely when her mother was injured in a car accident during a tornado. Her survival has been a miracle that is much appreciated by her mother’s sister, Lark Taylor. She plans on caring for the baby while her sister remains in a coma. The baby’s father is nowhere to be found […]

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Review: Scandalously Expecting His Child by Olivia Gates

When self-made billionaire Raiden Kuroshiro escaped his brutal past, he vowed to reclaim the heritage that was stolen from him. With his engagement to Megumi, he is close to achieving his goals. Then the one woman who betrayed him, the one woman he never forgot, returns and Raiden finds himself unable to stay away from […]

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Review: From Enemy’s Daughter to Expectant Bride by Olivia Gates

With his financial life thriving as a member of the Black Castle Brotherhood, Rafael Salazar return to Rio de Janeiro to exact revenge on the man who stole his childhood. He plans a ball to lure in his enemy but Rafael is taken off guard when he spies a beautiful woman who touches him in […]

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