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Review: Tempted by a Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson

Jo Spears is a horse trainer – now. She does an excellent job. So when she is hired by the Beaumont Ranch to train Sun, a VERY expensive horse. She cannot resist the challenge. His owner, Phillip Beaumont, is a different story entirely. He likes to drink a lot and he likes women a lot. […]

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Review: Not the Boss’s Baby by Sarah M. Anderson

Living up to his father’s expectations has never been easy. As the oldest, Chadwick was expected to live only for the Beaumont business. While he dedicated himself to the business as he father wanted, he swore that he would not become a womanizer like his father. To that end, his beautiful assistant, Serena Chase, was […]

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Review: Crybaby Falls by Paula Graves

For years Cain Dennison has been haunted by the death of his best friend. She was found murdered at Crybaby Falls and an investigation revealed she was also pregnant. He returns now to try and find closure. When he return to the Falls, he discovers Sara Lindsey and he is shocked to discover that he […]

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Review: Redeeming the CEO Cowboy by Charlene Sands

Susanna Hart is devoted to her two-year old cousin and her fledgling pastry business, Sweet Susie’s. It is of no concern to her that Casey Thomas, former rodeo champion and now CEO of a construction firm, is back and living in his house next door. She will not pay any attention to the man who […]

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Review: Single Man Meets Single Mom by Jules Bennett

Hollywood agent Ian Schaffer is charming and handsome. He can have his pick of beautiful women. He cannot understand why he finds horse trainer Cassie Barrington so incredibly appealing. Commitment is not for him. He prefers the type of relationship where the loving is fun and satisfying and after they both walk away. He knows […]

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