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Review: One Night with a Viking by Harper St. George

Abandoned by his mother and barely tolerated by his father, Gunnar grew up craving love but always left feeling he did not deserve any. Leaving for Saxon lands, Gunnar visit his childhood sweetheart. When she offers herself to him, Gunnar cannot resist the lure of one night in her bed. He leaves the next morning […]

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Review: The Demure Miss Manning by Amanda McCabe

Mary Manning grew up following her father on one diplomatic mission after another. She knew how to behave and kissing Sebastian Barrett, a military hero, was not the way to behave appropriately. It was a mistake she would regret. When a mission in Brazil throws them together again, Mary and Sebastian find themselves unable to […]

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Review: A Rose for Major Flint – Louise Allen

  Major Adam Flint’s prowess on the battlefield is legendary. An exceptional soldier who would put his neck on the line to defeat the enemy and annihilate his rivals, Adam is a man of honour who will do his utmost to fight for what he believes in. When he stumbles upon a defenseless young woman […]

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Review: The Rebel Daughter by Lauri Robinson

Twyla is delighted with the freedom she feels when her sister decides to share the job of running the family resort. She can now dance and mingle with the guests. One guest she would prefer to ignore is Forest Reynolds but he is having none of that. Having returned from being away for several years, […]

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Review: The Forgotten Daughter by Lauri Robinson

Josie Nightingale has always been a bit different from her sisters. She was not all that interested in clothes or dates or men. She wants instead to help change the world and make it a better place. Eric “Scooter” Wilson is making that difficult. When she called him to rescue her from jail, Scooter has […]

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