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Review: A Lady for Lord Randall – Sarah Mallory

Mary Endacott is no ordinary Regency miss. Having been raised by her liberal parents to shun convention, cherish her independence and be the mistress of her own destiny, Mary – unlike her peers – is not looking to make a match. With her Academy for Young Ladies in Brussels to keep her busy, Mary has […]

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Review: Sequins and Spurs by Cheryl St. John

Ruby Dearing left home and sought a different life. Now, tired of life on the stage, Ruby returns home hoping to find forgiveness from her mother and sister. Instead, she finds Nash Sommerton, her sister’s widower. Nash is suspicious at her sudden return and resolves to fight for the ranch he has nurtured these past […]

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Review A Fortune for the Outlaw’s Daughter by Lauri Robinson

Maddie Sotckwell feels as if her life has always been controlled by men. Now she has a chance to control her own activities, only to be attacked by her past. When Cole “Lucky” Dumont rescues her, she feels she has another chance at freedom. Lucky is heading to the Alaska gold fields and Maddie resolves […]

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Review: The Wong Cowboy by Lauri Robinson

Nursemaid Marie Hall has not had an easy life. Now she resolves to travel to the Dakota territory with six orphans. She wants to keep them together and take them to their next of kin. With little money, she devises an excellent plan. She will pose as his mail-order bride. Unfortunately, her scheme leads her […]

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Review: The Duke’s Daring Debutante by Ann Lethbridge

With his past, Frederick, Duke of Falconwood has vowed to dedicate his life to his country, never marry, and never have children. But when he is caught in a compromising situation, Freddy knows he has no choice but to propose marriage. Minette Rideau would love to experience more with Freddy but she knows her past […]

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