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Review: The Duke’s Daring Debutante by Ann Lethbridge

With his past, Frederick, Duke of Falconwood has vowed to dedicate his life to his country, never marry, and never have children. But when he is caught in a compromising situation, Freddy knows he has no choice but to propose marriage. Minette Rideau would love to experience more with Freddy but she knows her past […]

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Review: Enslaved by the Viking by Harper St. George

Eirik has spent years raiding and preparing to take over for his father. Then he sees a young woman dancing on the shores and realizes he wants more. But Eirik knows he is flawed and cannot have everything he wants. Merewyn finds herself mesmerized by the Viking man who has come to her brother’s land. […]

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Review: The Viscount’s Frozen Heart – Elizabeth Beacon

Luke Winterley, Viscount Farenze, is dreading returning to Farenze Lodge, but wild horses wouldn’t keep the saturnine aristocrat from being at his beloved Aunt Virginia’s bedside during her final days. For the last ten years, Luke has tried his hardest to avoid visiting Farenze Lodge- largely because of the one woman he has never been […]

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Review: Betrayed by His Kiss by Amanda McCabe

Orlando Landucci stays in Florence, well aware of the darkness the city holds. He beloved sister was a victim to that darkness and he is resolved to avenge her death. With the arrival of innocent Isabella Spinola, Orlando finds himself at odds with his needs for revenge. He wants to protect Isabella and keep her […]

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Blog: Georgie Lee on Rescued from Ruin

We loved Georgie Lee’s second Harlequin Historical, Rescued from Ruin, so we spoke to Georgie and asked her to tell us a little bit about the history behind her fabulous historical romance! When I tell people I write historical romance, they often remark that I must do a lot of research. They are right. However, […]

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