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Review: Leverage by Janie Crouch

Dylan Branson enjoys his solitary life making a living as a pilot. He used to be an agent for Omega Sector and still does the occasional job for them, especially when one of siblings needs his help. Now he has been asked to deliver some codes to Omega Sector, codes that could save millions of […]

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Review: Untraceable by Janie Crouch

Omega Sector Agents Evan Karcz and Juliet Branson were amazing as undercover agents Bob and Lisa Sinclair. That is until Juliet was brutally attacked and left traumatized. Now she prefers the safety of paperwork to field work. When word reaches Bob Sinclair that military secrets are being auctioned, Even knows he must help Juliet regain […]

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Review: Countermeasures by Janie Crouch

Sawyer Branson knew there would be a price to pay for past actions. Assigned a babysitting job, Sawyer was determined to do a great job. Dr. Megan Fuller had been asked to devise a tool to counter a dangerous weapon. When Megan’s life is threatened, Sawyer plans to give her 24 hour babysitting services. Sawyer […]

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Review: SWAT Secret Admirer by Elizabeth Heiter

Ten years ago, Maggie Delacorte’s life changed when she was assaulted. As a result, she, her brother and her best friend resolved to become FBI agents and work to protect others from the attack that she suffered. Now it would appear as if the Fishhook Rapist is returning for her. He has been sending her […]

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Review: Infiltration by Janie Crouch

Cameron Branson has been undercover for many months now trying to bring down the head of DS-13, the man responsible for the brutal murder of his partner. All his work may come undone when his ex-girlfriend interrupts an undercover operation. Sophia Reardon works for the FBI but as a graphic designer. Her job is not […]

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