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Review: SWAT Secret Admirer by Elizabeth Heiter

Ten years ago, Maggie Delacorte’s life changed when she was assaulted. As a result, she, her brother and her best friend resolved to become FBI agents and work to protect others from the attack that she suffered. Now it would appear as if the Fishhook Rapist is returning for her. He has been sending her […]

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Review: Infiltration by Janie Crouch

Cameron Branson has been undercover for many months now trying to bring down the head of DS-13, the man responsible for the brutal murder of his partner. All his work may come undone when his ex-girlfriend interrupts an undercover operation. Sophia Reardon works for the FBI but as a graphic designer. Her job is not […]

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Review: Boneyard Ridge by Paula Graves

Hunter Bragg has his own demons to fight after spending years in Afghanistan. Now, as a private investigator, Hunter has been given the job of keeping Susannah Marsh alive. A militant group needs to remove her for a successful mission and, if that is not bad enough, she has a secret in her past that […]

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Review: Dead Man’s Curve by Paula Graves

As a young man, Sinclair Solano made some poor choices and became a fiery young radical. Realizing he had made a mistake, Sin turned double agent for the CIA. Unfortunately, that did not clear his name. Now the rebels he betrayed have kidnapped his sister. He has no choice but to come in from the […]

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Review: Primal Instinct by Janie Crouch

San Francisco is a city of many people and among them is a serial killer. Known as “Simon Says,“ he taunts the police with notes and clues, but leaves nothing tangible behind for the FBI to use in their investigation. With no other choice, the FBI turns to Adrienne Jeffries. Adrienne has the ability to […]

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