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Review: 200 Harley Street: American Surgeon in London by Lynne Marshall

 When people suffer through a physical trauma or an emotional ordeal, they will sometimes keep others at a distance for fear of experiencing more pain in some form. Two individuals whose lives are filled with anguish for these reasons are featured in the fourth book of the 200 Harley Street series. This couple has so […]

Review: Unlocking the Doctor’s Heart by Susanne Hampton

To start fresh, Dr. Beth Seymour decides to participate in an exchange program for second year residents. She arrives in Australia looking forward to her new assignment. Then she meets her new boss. Dr Matthew Harrison used to be charming until he suffered a loss that affects him still. He is demanding and caustic at […]

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Review: Uncovering Her Secrets by Amalie Berlin

Dr. Dasha Hardin has lived with a secret for many years. She finds that it is consuming her and she wants to atone. Hiring her ex, Dr. Preston Monroe, seems to be the best way to handle that. Her plan is not quite fool proof and comes unraveled when she finds Preston to be the […]

Review: Her Christmas Eve Diamond – Scarlet Wilson

A stirring and emotional tale about the redemptive power of love, Her Christmas Eve Diamond is a captivating and enthralling Medical Romance that will touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye! When Cassidy Rae had been dragged by her friends to a fortune teller’s house, the no-nonsense nurse couldn’t help but be […]

Review: Her Firefighter Under the Mistletoe – Scarlet Wilson

Two lost and lonely souls find each other again in Scarlet Wilson’s latest poignant Harlequin Medical Romance, Her Firefighter Under the Mistletoe. Life had dealt pediatric consultant Jessica Rae a hard blow. A cruel twist of fate had robbed Jessica of her happiness and shattered her hopes and dreams for the future. Lonely, devastated and […]

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