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Review: Breaking Her No Dating Rule by Amalie Berlin

Massage therapist, Ellory Star, knows she needs a change in her life. After another failed relationship, she returns home for some time to explore herself. To that end, she resolves to not date again until she feels she is ready for more. She did not count on being snowed in with a sexy ER and […]

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Review: Risk of a Lifetime – Caroline Anderson

Being a single mum with a demanding job is tough – and nobody knows that better than Dr Annie Brooks. With two gorgeous daughters and a challenging job as an emergency doctor to contend with, Annie has got neither the time nor the inclination for romance. Dedicated to her job and to bringing up her […]

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Review: How to Find a Man in Five Dates by Tina Beckett

Dr. Miranda Dupris is done with men and relationships. She resolves to only have first dates and decides twenty-five for the year is a good number. Her friend Mallory is on the same page and makes her own resolution. To make it more interesting, they bet $100 on the success of their resolutions. Dr. Jack […]

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Review: Falling for Dr. December by Susanne Hampton

Laine Phillips left Uralla twelve years, broken and alone. She vowed to never return. Now a world famous photographer, she follows two rules that will ensure her heart is safe. Her first rule is to not mix business and pleasure and her second is to rely only on herself. It has worked well for her […]

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Review: The Surgeon’s Christmas Wish – Annie O’Neil

Dr Tara Braxton had once had it all: a flourishing medical career in New York, a handsome fiance whom she adored and a bright and rosy future ahead of her. Tara thought that life couldn’t possibly get any better for her – until the scales had fallen dramatically from her eyes and realised that the […]

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