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Review: One Night Before Christmas by Susan Carlisle

ONE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS perfectly interweaves medical careers with sports, romance and the holiday season to create a story that constantly enthralls. Susan Carlisle always manages to make her main couple lovable, even if they make mistakes like in real life. Though Dr. Dalton Reynolds and Dr. Melanie Hyde are pleased when anyone they are […]

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Review: One Night in New York by Amy Ruttan

Prominent surgeon Mindy Walker is moving to New York to start over. New York will be a long way from her ex-husband and his betrayal. She is looking forward to the new challenges she will face in the teaching hospital. What she does not expect is to find her one-night stand working with her. Dr. […]

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Review: Father for Her Newborn Baby (Cowboys, Doctors…Daddies) by Lynne Marshall

Another charming Montgomery brother featured in the Cowboys, Doctors…Daddies miniseries finds romance unexpectedly entering his life. All he was supposed to be doing for several weeks was helping out his family. But when a woman and her adorable daughter become part of the bargain, he finds himself visualizing scenarios that he never thought would happen […]

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Review: Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad (Cowboys, Doctors…Daddies) by Lynne Marshall

The first book in the Cowboys, Doctors…Daddies miniseries is an emotionally rewarding romance of second chances. Lynne Marshall has written connected books about two brothers who were raised on a Wyoming ranch and later became doctors. One is a renowned cardiologist but the other has his own practice in the quaint town where he grew […]

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Review: Hot Doc From Her Past by Tina Beckett

Dr. Tessa Camara cannot believe her eyes when she walks in to West Manhattan Saints and discovers the newest orthopedic surgeon is none other than her ex, Dr. Clayton Matthews. Tessa never forgot his betrayal and now it seems as if she cannot forget how he made he feel. Clay is just as surprised as […]

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