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Review: Immortal Obsession by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Another Blood Knight gets to tell his story in the third book of the Vampire Moons series, where obligation frequently clashes with desire. These seven extraordinary immortals have existed for centuries, after being chosen to carry out specific commitments using their new capabilities. More about these fascinating beings is learned in the latest book, and […]

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Review: Beyond the Moon and Ghost Wolf by Michele Hauf

The BEAUTIFUL CREATURES world created by Michele Hauf has two new books, and each one is truly inventive. When I read a book written by this author, I know the scenarios will always be innovative with exceptional characters, and both stories surpassed my expectations. “Beyond the Moon” Characters from other books In the Company of […]

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Review: Loyal Wolf (Alpha Force) by Linda O. Johnston

When there seems to be something amiss in a typical community in Montana, one woman will not let others keep her from following through on a secret investigation. When the heroine asks for assistance, she had no idea those sent in to help would use abilities which she thought were only fictional. Now it is […]

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Review: The Vampire’s Wolf by Jenna Kernan

 Original is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the latest Nocturne book by Jenna Kernan. The author has cleverly constructed a story featuring numerous supernatural beings, and each one has traits that are very distinctive plus not typically found for their kind. Vampires are not portrayed as romantic creatures and […]

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Review: Demon Wolf (Phoenix Force) by Bonnie Vanak

The Phoenix Force miniseries just keeps getting better with each new release. In the third book about a team of SEALs whose members have paranormal abilities, emotional risks are just as damaging as the physical threats. Two individuals will find themselves in grave danger from demons, and the choices they make will determine not only […]

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