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Review: Immortal Cowboy by Alexis Morgan

 While discovering a new story about werewolves or vampires always makes me a happy reader, finding an innovative paranormal story featuring a ghost is equally gratifying. The most recent Nocturne story by the gifted Alexis Morgan is particularly original in numerous ways, where the supernatural aspects are cleverly depicted and the romance is enchantingly believable. […]

Review: Dark Wolf Running by Rhyannon Byrd

Wyatt Pallaton knew instantly that Elise Drake was his mate.  He never felt worthy of her, nor the instances of her past allowed him to see if she felt the same.  Elise is still healing, she has come a long way but she is still guarding herself from men. When Wyatt makes his attraction known, […]

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Review: Running with Wolves by Cynthia Cooke

The paranormal world created by Cynthia Cooke for her latest Harlequin Nocturne is very fascinating, and I was immediately drawn into the many original ideas concerning two spirited characters. A particularly innovative concept for the origin of shape-shifters is given, and the whole book kept me riveted with its storyline of unexpected desire and a […]

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Review: Sentinels: Lynx Destiny by Doranna Durgin

 The latest Sentinels story shows how several belonging to the Atrum Core will do anything to get the power they want from the land, regardless of who or what is harmed. A shape-shifting recluse and an unsuspecting woman find they must work together or much will be lost, and it quickly becomes apparent they are […]

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Review: The Vampire Hunter (In the Company of Vampires) by Michele Hauf

There have been numerous paranormal series released by Michele Hauf, and In the Company of Vampires is definitely one of the top when it comes to likable characters who find themselves in conflicted situations. In THE VAMPIRE HUNTER, two individuals have goals they want to accomplish but could end up working against one another when […]

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