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Review: Moonlight and Diamonds by Michele Hauf

The talented author, Michele Hauf, has written fifty Harlequin stories, and those she has created for the Nocturne line are definitely some of my favorites. MOONLIGHT AND DIAMONDS is part of the Saint-Pierres series, and one of the werewolves in this charming family gets the opportunity to tell about his quest to find a mate. […]

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Review: Wolf Born by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

The Wolf Moons series continues with more captivating books, and the uniqueness in the prior stories is evident all throughout WOLF BORN. With atypical paranormal traits possessed by the main couple, they are like no other supernatural being. Their distinctive behavior makes the story constantly engrossing, as I never knew what they would be able […]

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Review: Alpha Rising (Sentinels) by Doranna Durgin

In the Sentinels miniseries, there is always danger to a special group of beings plus the land where they live. In the seventh story, mysteries related to numerous strange events mount with no clear answers readily forthcoming. The Sentinels know about one devious enemy whom they have fought for years, but there are loads of […]

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Review: The Shifter’s Choice by Jenna Kernan

When Sergeant Johnny Lam appeared in the previous book titled THE VAMPIRE’S WOLF, he had particularly challenging issues in his life. He and another marine had been changed into werewolves when attacked by another shifter. But for some reason, he cannot return to his human form and is stuck looking like a dangerous beast. In […]

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Review: Siren’s Treasure by Debbie Herbert

The second book in the Dark Seas miniseries focuses on another mermaid living in the Alabama bayou, and secrets must be kept while unexpected desire is on the rise. An extremely imaginative world has been created by Debbie Herbert for these mythical creatures, and each scene is compellingly depicted with fascinating plus realistic details. Regardless […]

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