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Review: Enchanted by the Wolf by Michele Hauf

The Beautiful Creatures world constructed by Michele Hauf always has very unique paranormal beings experiencing unusual circumstances. In ENCHANTED BY THE WOLF, a werewolf hero is paired with a faery whose uncertain background causes trouble from the start. What this couple has to face in making their marriage work is emotionally shown with scenes filled […]

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Review: The Immortal’s Redemption by Kelli Ireland

Upon starting the first Harlequin Nocturne release from Kelli Ireland, I had no idea the story would be so fascinating. A group of druids use a clever mix of modern and ancient thinking to solve problems, and I was often fascinated by their choices. While smartphones may be used by these men who possess supernatural […]

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Review: Canadian Wolf (Alpha Force) by Linda O. Johnston

The unique shapeshifters that make up the Alpha Force top-secret military unit are helping to form a similar group in Canada. Their main function is to teach others who have shifting abilities to be useful in solving complicated cases for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While the heroine in the story is an Alpha Force […]

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Review: Dragon’s Promise by Denise Lynn

While it may have been some time since the last book about the dragon shifting Drake brothers was released, I definitely have not forgotten the innovative premise of the stories. So I am very happy that the third brother has been given the opportunity to tell about his life and the many difficult predicaments he […]

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Review: Sentinels: Leopard Enchanted by Doranna Durgin

The beings known as Sentinels have been clashing with another group of individuals called the Atrum Core for a very long time, and it appears their conflict is definitely not over in the eighth book of the series. In each story about the Sentinels, the premise has been extremely unique with a spirited couple. The […]

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