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Review and GIVEAWAY: The Italian’s Deal for I Do by Jennifer Hayward

Rocco Mondelli felt he had the world in his hands. He had control of a fashion empire and could afford to live a playboy life. Now, with the death of his grandfather, he must prove his playboy days are over if he wants to regain control of that empire. When he stumbled on Olivia Fitzgerald […]

Review: The Billionaire’s Bridal Bargain by Lynn Graham

Cesare Sabatino wants to obtain the small Mediterranean Island which used to belong to his family. His grandmother is aging and wishes to spend some time there. He had decided to never marry but that was not due to a lack of willing women. However, he may not have a choice if he wants that […]


Princess Samira of Jazeer is the talk of the town, but this time the gossip is not cruel but glowing. Samira had survived an ugly much-publicized breakup with her Hollywood lover after he was found in flagrante delicto with his leading lady but Samira was left unsure of herself and went into hiding. With help […]

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Review: A Question of Honor – Kate Walker

Clementina Saveneski learnt from a very early age that life as a princess wasn’t all ballgowns, dances and luxurious parties. Having had a miserable childhood where she was made to feel like an outsider by her own family, Clementina had vowed to escape her gilded cage and make a life for herself far away from […]

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CataRomance Interview with Harlequin Presents author Rachael Thomas

We loved Rachael Thomas’ A Deal Before the Altar here at CataRomance, so we invited her for a chat about sexy Alpha heroes, powerful romantic stories and what’s coming up next for this fabulous new writer! Thank you so much for joining us here at CataRomance, Rachael! It’s lovely to have you here. Your debut […]

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