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Review: When Falcone’s World Stops Turning – Abby Green

Abby Green heats up the pages with When Falcon’s World Stops Turning, the first title in her outstanding new trilogy for Harlequin Presents, Blood Brothers. Samantha Rourke had taken one look at handsome billionaire Rafaele Falcone and fallen head over heels in love with him. Their affair had been brief but intense, but when an […]

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Review: Never Say No to a Caffarelli – Melanie Milburne

Never Say No to a Caffarelli is the first book in Melanie Milburne’s fabulous new trilogy about three gorgeous Mediterranean heroes and the sassy women who tame them! Poppy Silverton is going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. Her boyfriend Oliver stole all her recipes, opened up a rival eatery and […]

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Review: Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt

Lucia had one night with the man she loved Angelo Corretti and that was met with tender memories as well as a haunted past.  Angelo is back all these years later to seek revenge against the Corretti’s, the family that spurned him all those years ago.  Acquiring one of their hotels is just another check […]

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Review: AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY by Annie West

Billionaire Jonas Deveson discovers that he is still paying his father’s debts long after his death.  But it wasn’t his father that signed that final large check, so it must be his mistress, the housekeeper that induced his father to abandon his mother.  Jonas is determined to have his sweet revenge and make Silvia Ruggiero […]

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Review: The Rings That Bind – Michelle Smart

Michelle Smart breathes new life into the marriage of convenience trope with her impressive debut novel for Harlequin Presents, The Rings That Bind. Rosa learned at a very early age never to trust anybody. Having kept her heart firmly under lock and key for as long as she can remember, Rosa puts all of her […]

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