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Review: The Prince’s Christmas Vow by Jennifer Faye

Zoe Sarris is surprised when Crown Prince Demetrius requests her interior design services. She had not seen him since their surprise elopement a year ago. She thinks she is finally over him but is not sure what will happen if she sees him again. Needing the money, she reluctantly accepts the job. When she learns […]

Review: Beauty and Her Billionaire Boss by Barbara Wallace

Piper Rush traveled to Paris to realize a dream. She came to the City of Love to become a chef studying under Chef Despelteau. Instead, she finds herself lonely and unsatisfied. Nothing is going according to plan. She is not doing well in her classes and she finds visiting Paris sites alone to be well, […]

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Review: Vettori’s Damsel in Distress – Liz Fielding

The time has come for Angelica Amery to make her dreams of becoming a fashion designer a reality. As much as she adores living in her tiny English village with her family, she knows that she will never achieve her goals if she buries herself in the country and spends the rest of her life […]

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Review: BEST MAN FOR THE BRIDESMAID by Jennifer Faye

Lizzie and Jules learned to rely on each other at an early age in foster care, they were inseparable! Recently Lizzie got her dream internship with a famous chef in Italy and now three months later she is getting married. Jules is flying to Italy to make sure Lizzie has the perfect wedding. However, things […]

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Review: THE PLAYBOY OF ROME by Jennifer Faye

Lizzie Addler could barely believe that her dream was coming true. She finally made it to Italy and is about to begin an internship under the famous Chef Bianco at his own restaurant, Massimo. Only her dream is turning into a nightmare, Bianco’s grandson says he can not honor her contract and his grandfather is […]

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