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Review: Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride by Kate Hardy

The first time Prince Lorenzo Torelli of Melvante meets Indigo Moran he believes she is another paparazzi. The second time he meets her, Lorenzo realizes how wrong he was about her and that she has no clue who he is. For just a moment he can be himself and she treats him as any other […]

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CataRomance Interview with Kandy Shepherd

CataRomance is delighted to welcome brand new Harlequin Romance author Kandy Shepherd for a chat about picturesque coastal towns, gorgeous heroes and everything romance! Welcome to CataRomance, Kandy! It’s lovely to have you here. Your debut novel for Harlequin Romance, The Summer They Never Forgot, was published earlier this year. Could you please tell us […]

Review: The Summer They Never Forgot – Kandy Shepherd

Childhood sweethearts get a second chance at happiness in Kandy Shepherd’s charming and irresistible debut novel for Harlequin Romance, The Summer They Never Forgot. Sandy Adams had always thought that by the age of thirty, she would have settled down with the man of her dreams, had a couple of kids and found fulfillment in […]

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Review: STOLEN KISS FROM A PRINCE by Teresa Carpenter

Prince Julian Ettenburl has been charged with a difficult task. He must retrieve his nephew from Pasadonia and take him home where the royal family awaits word about his missing parents, the Prince and Princess of Kardana, Donal and Helene Ettenburl. Their plane was lost when a freak storm hit Europe. Donal is the heir […]

Review: Bound by a Baby – Kate Hardy

This year’s winner of the RONA Rose Award for category romance, Bound by a Baby is a stirring and emotional story about unexpected twists of fate, the healing of old scars and the redemptive power of love guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues. The bottom had fallen out of jewelry designer Emmy Jacobs’ […]

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