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Review: Lone Star Survivor by Colleen Thompson

Often an individual will bravely put his life on the line while fighting for his country, and LONE STAR SURVIVOR focuses on one courageous man who may be alive yet lost so much. When he amazingly returns home after being assumed dead, he still has a huge battle ahead of him not only because of […]

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Review: Colton Holiday Lockdown by C.J. Miller

There has been one traumatic development after another in the Coltons: Return to Wyoming miniseries, and the concluding book only ramps up the danger to the residents living in Dead River, Wyoming. A deadly virus started infecting a growing number of citizens, and the situation is looking grimmer as each day passes with no cure. […]

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Review: Texas Stakeout by Virna DePaul

A wide range of emotions are interwoven into the dangerous escapades and unexpected desires that arise throughout TEXAS STAKEOUT. I never knew from one moment to the next what would be revealed or take place, as threats are ever present and countless secrets are being kept. While the main couple may vocally speak their minds, […]

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Review: Designated Target by Karen Anders

The ideal balance of danger and passion makes the latest book in the To Protect and Serve miniseries continuously enthralling. Whether the main couple are fleeing from ruthless kidnappers or enjoying a moment of sensual intimacy, the scene is always believable with genuine emotions conveyed. Karen Anders makes her suspenseful story particularly convincing by creating […]

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Review: The Agent’s Surrender by Kimberly Van Meter

A large group of people have been deeply affected in past books when other individuals let their desire for power override their integrity, and there may be more threats if one man is right. A sense of duty to family is the driving force behind the hero’s quest to discover what actually happened to his […]

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