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Review: Tempting Target (Dangerous in Dallas) by Addison Fox

A very unusual premise for the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries began in the first book, and this story takes what was previously learned and adds more mysteries to further complicate the lives of three best friends. Hidden gemstones are connected to a murder, and those who are being affected by someone’s greed must be careful […]

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Review: King’s Ransom (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Anticipation builds as the main couple in the second book of the Man on a Mission miniseries find themselves facing one troublesome dilemma after another. The story is suspenseful because of mounting threats from an unknown source, while powerful emotions can be found in each compelling scene. I never knew what the final outcome was […]

Review: Capturing the Huntsman by C.J. Miller

Attention-grabbing occurrences happen right from the start of CAPTURING THE HUNTSMAN, and the gripping episodes only escalate as the search for a killer intensifies. C.J. Miller has come up with frightening circumstances for her main couple to face, where danger is constantly present and could strike at any time. The premise of the story is […]

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Review: Secret Agent Boyfriend (The Adair Affairs) by Addison Fox

Ongoing questions keep the lives of one family in turmoil, and the third book in The Adair Affairs continuity finally gives them some answers while other worries still remain a mystery. Addison Fox has created a very likable couple for her contribution to the miniseries, where unforeseen personal problems play a part in the future […]

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Review: Joint Engagement (To Protect and Serve) by Karen Anders

JOINT ENGAGEMENT is equally as captivating as a well-known TV show because it combines two of my favorite genres, suspense and romance. The riveting miniseries from Karen Anders called To Protect and Serve is about US government agencies who do their best to defeat threats to the United States and its citizens. What makes the […]

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