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Review: Lethal Affair by Jean Thomas

Every now and then a person gets a second chance at finding happiness with someone once loved. Sometime the circumstances leading to this occasion are without problems, but that is definitely not the situation created for the latest suspenseful book by Jean Thomas. Plenty of emotions surface throughout the story, and many of them are […]

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Review: The Rome Affair by Addison Fox

 There is always an abundance of intrigue in the House of Steele miniseries, and the latest installment follows a carefully plotted plan already set in motion. The third story takes place in Italy where the devious scheme is being carried out, and two very likable individuals will do their very best to discover who is […]

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Review: The Burden of Desire by Natalie Charles

 Much soul-searching must be done when two people with a troubling past reconnect, as the history they share still greatly influences their current feelings for one another. When several mysteries need to be solved and personal threats are also made, their lives become even more entwined. Natalie Charles puts lots of emotion into her story, […]

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Review: Moving Target by Kimberly Van Meter

 Though the hero was mentioned in a previous book, the background of Jake Isaacs and his current ambitions are not fully known until his own story is told. Filled with insightful disclosures, MOVING TARGET exposes what makes him a true hero in every sense of the word, and each new confession only made me love […]

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Review: Armed and Famous (Ivy Avengers) by Jennifer Morey

The Ivy Avengers miniseries is about a group of siblings with very different personalities and a Hollywood connection. Occasionally one of them becomes caught up in a troubling situation, and this time it is the oldest brother who finds his life turned upside down because of his protective nature. Two people will then have to […]

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