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Review: Joint Engagement (To Protect and Serve) by Karen Anders

JOINT ENGAGEMENT is equally as captivating as a well-known TV show because it combines two of my favorite genres, suspense and romance. The riveting miniseries from Karen Anders called To Protect and Serve is about US government agencies who do their best to defeat threats to the United States and its citizens. What makes the […]

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Review: McKinnon’s Royal Mission (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Although Trace McKinnon has been featured in other books by Amelia Autin, it is not until he gets to tell his own story that I get the full picture about this fascinating man. While I knew he was a dedicated agent plus a loyal friend, I did not know a lot about his background and […]

Review: The Marine’s Temptation (The Adair Affairs) by Jennifer Morey

Continuing mysteries and new dangerous threats make the second book in The Adair Affairs miniseries intriguing, while its interesting romantic couple adds to the entertainment. Jennifer Morey explains what became known in the first installment, and then introduces several more secrets that often lead to perilous situations. Just when you think everything is finally going […]

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Review: The Bounty Hunter’s Forbidden Desire by Jean Thomas

With unique developments and plenty of imagination, the suspenseful story created by Jean Thomas is original plus interesting. Though the facility described in the book is fictitious, the idea behind the place is very real and the author puts it plus the main couple in grave danger. The threats to the hero and heroine are […]

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Review: Silken Threats by Addison Fox

With its clever storyline and likable characters, the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries is off to an interesting start. There are a large number of mysteries to be solved, and lots of suspense happens along the way to uncovering much needed answers. The lives of several individuals also become entangled as they become caught up in […]

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