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Review: Under the Sheik’s Protection by C.J. Miller

Sometimes an obligation is the reason a person takes a certain action, even when there is another path they actually want to follow. Since the hero was born into a family that rules a desert Middle Eastern country and he is its new emir, he is duty-bound to follow the rules of Qamsar. Yet when […]

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Review: Hot on the Hunt (ICE: Black Ops Defenders) by Melissa Cutler

┬áThe latest ICE: Black Ops Defenders story has a tormented hero and a gutsy heroine who must battle numerous enemies, treacherous weather conditions and even themselves to stay alive another day. Melissa Cutler makes any scene where this couple faces an emotional issue just as captivating as the situations filled with danger that constantly arise. […]

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Review: The Manhattan Encounter by Addison Fox

The final story about the House of Steele and the often challenging dilemmas four siblings tackle is packed with emotional clashes and unexpected threats. Though the hero may be older than his brother and two sisters, his personal life is not nearly as stable as theirs. Then a new client makes him question several aspects […]

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Review: Lone Star Redemption by Colleen Thompson

Uncertainties abound in LONE STAR REDEMPTION, a particularly riveting story of secretive intrigue. One mystery after another keeps cropping up, and the situations that arise are often filled with many risks because of what is actually going on. The romantic couple in the novel is forced to deal with a huge number of problems, ones […]

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Review: Executive Protection by Jennifer Morey

A mystery began in the first book of The Adair Legacy continuity series, and it is still playing out in the following story with plenty of suspenseful predicaments and lots of surprises. Jennifer Morey gives enough facts to inform the reader about the previous assignation attempt, and her story then concentrates on the investigation. Two […]

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