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Review: Liam’s Witness Protection (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Sometimes a woman does not realize her true value, often because she thinks some incident has changed her and not in a good way. But if luck is on her side, she will meet a man like the hero of this story who comprehends just how exceptional this individual truly is and goes to great […]

Review: Her Master Defender by Karen Anders

The fourth member of a dedicated NCIS team in Washington, DC gets to tell her own story, where a supposedly straightforward case turns deadly and tough decisions must be made. Being the only woman and the newest member in the group makes Amber Dalton try extra hard to prove she is capable of doing any […]

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Review: The Secret King by C.J. Miller

The Conspiracy Against the Crown miniseries begins by focusing on royalty and danger, as someone does not want any members of a ruling family in a fictional Mediterranean country to remain alive. C.J. Miller has written a very interesting story, where emotional issues and secrets hinder the development of a relationship. But when unexpected feelings […]

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Alec’s Royal Assignment (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Each story in the Man on a Mission miniseries has had an original premise and is frequently emotional. There have also been many characters featured in more than one book, as plots have these individuals repeatedly working together to keep others safe. In the third novel of the miniseries, a man already met has his […]

Review: Tempting Target (Dangerous in Dallas) by Addison Fox

A very unusual premise for the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries began in the first book, and this story takes what was previously learned and adds more mysteries to further complicate the lives of three best friends. Hidden gemstones are connected to a murder, and those who are being affected by someone’s greed must be careful […]

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