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Review: Justice Hunter (Cold Case Detectives) by Jennifer Morey

Dark Alley Investigations was started by a man who know all too well about the heartbreak of losing a loved one and not having those responsible for the death caught. Cases gone cold are much harder to sort out, but having committed employees helps his company to bring closure to families for whom no answers […]

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Review: Guarding His Royal Bride (Conspiracy Against the Crown) by C.J. Miller

For the second book in the Conspiracy Against the Crown miniseries, C.J. Miller has more members belonging to a royal family being threatened by unidentified enemies. When one of the women in danger ends up wed to the ruler of a neighboring country, his main reason for marrying her gradually changes with every new interaction. […]

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Review: Her Christmas Protector (Silver Valley P.D.) by Geri Krotow

The realism in the first Silver Valley P.D. book makes every second come across as strongly believable. There is never a moment when a situation did not seem as though it could actually happen, as details are convincing in a very true-to-life manner. Because of all the unpredictable scenarios that may perhaps happen to the […]

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Review: Cowboy Christmas Rescue by Beth Cornelison and Colleen Thompson

A Christmas wedding should be a special time for the bride and groom. But when shots are fired before a couple can complete their vows, the shooter must be found to keep possible targets plus an eyewitness safe. Beth Cornelison and Colleen Thompson combine their talent for writing romances packed with suspense, and the result […]

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Review: Killer Season by Lara Lacombe

When danger comes into the life of a woman and a cop just does his duty, the two are stunned by the intense feelings that develop between them. They gradually come to understand what has been missing in their lives is within reach, but the wishes of other individuals may make certain the couple‚Äôs future […]

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