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Review: CEO’s Baby Surprise by Helen Lacey

Mary-Jayne Preston just came to the Sandwhisper Resort to keep her friend’s store running while she tended to her sick mother. One night stands are not something she does but when she awakens in bed with Daniel Anderson, she knows she is in trouble. Their mutual attraction is powerful and not easily denied. M.J. knows […]

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Review: Falling for the Mom-to-Be by Lynne Marshall

A compelling romance and a wide range of emotions can always be found in a book by Lynne Marshall. Add in numerous characters with very real personalities, and the result is a story that is entertainingly believable. The Home in Heartlandia miniseries is especially interesting with its ongoing conflict about the history of a picturesque […]

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Review: A Second Chance at Crimson Ranch by Michelle Major

Olivia Wilder is sure love is not for her, especially after her marriage dies a dramatic death with the entire town of Crimson watching and affected. But one dance with Logan Travers makes her realize that she had not died with the marriage. She knows she must leave Crimson but cannot leave until she picks […]

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Review: Her Perfect Proposal by Lynne Marshall

A downhome feel is evident all throughout the Heartlandia miniseries, and Lynne Marshall makes every scene engagingly enjoyable. Though most of the characters forgo the big city lifestyle, they still have to face worrying issues. Some troubles pertain to the history of the quaint town, while other concerns are of a much more personal nature. […]

Review: The Fireman’s Ready Made Family by Jules Bennett

Nursing a young fire victim is never easy. But the handsome firefighter who sits vigil makes it easier for Marly Haskins. Chief Drake St. John stirs her desires but he is a tall, handsome and powerful man just like her ex, who continues to torment her and refuses to let her go. Drake recognizes fear […]

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