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Review: The Maverick and the Manhattanite by Leeanne Banks

Lissa Rourke is delighted to finally have a chance to prove what she can do. Bootstraps, her employer, has appointed her as the lead coordinator for the volunteer effort to help Rust Creek Falls, Montana, a small rural town devastated by flooding. She breezes into town with her perky attitude and immediately annoys Sheriff Gage […]

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Review – Wanted: A Real Family by Karen Rose Smith

The Mommy Club miniseries begins with a story filled with dilemmas that seem to increase instead of decline. Just when the heroine thinks her life might change for the better, another setback adds more misery. Though the main couple is not looking to start a serious relationship, inner desires keep pushing them to explore their […]

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Review: The Medic’s Homecoming by Lynne Marshall

 The second Harlequin Special Edition story taking place in Whispering Oaks reconnects the reader with a family whose members are living through many ups and downs. While one daughter seems to have her life turning out as desired, her brother is a changed man when he returns home after bravely serving his country. Lynne Marshall […]

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Review: Riley’s Baby Boy by Karen Rose Smith

The fourth book in the Reunion Brides miniseries gives its main couple another chance at finding love, but numerous doubts must first be vanquished before sexual longing can turn into a long-lasting relationship. Karen Rose Smith reinforces her status as a notable writer of heartwarming romantic stories with the publication of RILEY’S BABY BOY. It […]

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Review: The CEO’s Unexpected Proposal by Karen Rose Smith

The third book in the Reunion Brides mini-series is about two people who previously lost the chance at a lasting relationship, but are now given the opportunity to discover if the feelings they left unspoken can be revived. Karen Rose Smith delights with a stirring romance packed with intense emotions, sincere wishes and appealing characters. […]

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