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Review: A REAL LIVE HERO by Kimberly Van Meter

Delainey Clark left Homer, Alaska to make it big in Hollywood as a TV producer. However, her latest project was a financial flop and now Delainey is scrambling to save her career with a reality show filmed in, of all places, Homer. And the proposed star is her ex, ruggedly handsome Trace Sinclair, a well […]

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Review: A RANCH TO KEEP by Claire McEwen

Self-sufficient Samantha Rylant is inconsolable. Her cherished Grandmother Ruth died and left Samantha the family ranch. Sam remembers the lighthearted summers spent with her grandparents and the cocoon of love that surrounded her when she stepped into their arms. Those visits stopped when she went to college and started a path to her prestigious marketing […]

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Review: A TEXAS CHILD by Linda Warren

Seven years ago Assistant District Attorney Myra Delgado and private investigator Levi Coyote parted ways over a major misunderstanding. Levi believed Myra gave up on their love when she didn’t care enough to believe in him. Myra had her own problems that Levi wouldn’t bother to listen to. But now they have to put all […]

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Review: BECAUSE OF AUDREY by Mary Sullivan

Audrey Stone is a delightfully colorful, full-figured woman and she is finally living her dream, or will be as soon as she wins this year’s Florists’ Show Award.  The monetary prize will help pay for her father’s therapy and the hospital contract will help jump start her florist business, The Last Dance.  But all those […]

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Review: A TEXAS FAMILY by Linda Warren

After nine heartbreaking years, Jena Brooks is finally returning home to Willow Creek to face her demons, reap her revenge and find her child.  The first person she confronts is Carson Corbett, constable for Willow Creek and the son of Asa, the man that took Jena’s baby.    All those years ago, Jena had been pregnant […]

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