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Review: HER SECOND CHANCE FAMILY by Holly Jacobs

Audrey Smith experienced a horrific life-altering event on the eve before her graduation from high school. That one tragedy colors the rest of her life and influences her to adopt three foster children including a struggling teenager, Willow, accused of stealing. Audrey is Willow’s last and best chance to find her way and be accepted […]

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Review: Secret Garden by Cathryn Parry

Rhiannon MacDowell hides within her family’s estate and spends her time painting beautiful landscapes. Very few have seen her and even fewer know why she hides. All that changes with one golf ball. Colin Walker was once Rhiannon’s best friend. As children they explored every where they could. Now Colin is a pro golfer but […]

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Erin Finley thought she had found her one true love and knew he was about to pop the question when she found out he was already married and had children! There was only one thing left to do, Erin packed up and moved back home to Heartache, Tennessee to help her sister run a vintage […]

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Review: Scotland for Christmas by Cathryn Parry

Jacob Ross needs to uncover the truth about his father’s death before he can move on in his chosen career. The man who has those answer is John Sage. The key to meeting him is Isabel Sage, his niece. A weekend spent as her bodyguard is just what he needs to get the truth. Jacob […]

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Review: Christmas at the Cove by Rachel Brimble

Scott Walker has worked hard since his father walked out on the family all those years ago. He has been successful as a mechanic, supporting his sisters and mother. His business is thriving. Women like him and he has always been honest with them. His life in on track. Then Carrie Jameson, the one woman […]

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