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Heartache, Tennessee may be a sleepy little town in comparison to New York City, where Nina Spencer lived for the past few years, but it is a welcoming respite after her Cupcake business went under due to her partner running off with a rich client. Coming home to Heartache, broken and disillusioned, Nina finds she […]

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Review: A PERFECT TRADE by Anna Sugden

Puck bunny Jenny Martin grew up the hard way. After her parents’ accidental deaths, she and her little sister were put in the care of their uncle, Pastor Douglas Boult. Only Pastor Boult paid teenage Jenny the wrong kind of attention and she had no one to turn to except her boyfriend Truman Jelinek. Unfortunately, […]

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Review: DATING A SINGLE DAD by Kris Fletcher

Brynn Catalano is all about family and that is why she finds herself in Comeback Cove planning a huge centennial celebration for a family owned dairy. Her real reason for traveling to Comeback Cove is to help her cousin, Taylor, realize that she is still in love with her fiance and not with his brother. […]

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Review: ALWAYS EMILY by Mary Sullivan

Archaeologist Emily Jordan and Native American Salem Pearce grew up together in Accord, Colorado. Emily always had a crush on Salem but he was six years older than Emily and felt he couldn’t return her affection, so they became close friends instead. Now Salem wants more. He made mistakes in the past and blew his […]

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Review: WHAT BELONGS TO HER by Rachel Brimble

Sasha Todd always loved the family’s fairground, even when she was a little girl following her grandfather around. She assumed someday she would run the the place and spent all her time  working there .  However before he died, her grandfather sold the fair to an unscrupulous drug dealer and even put a clause in […]

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