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Review; Every Road to You by Phyllis Bourne

Tia Gray runs her family’s spa division of Espresso Cosmetics. Fantastic at her job, she offers women a chance at a makeover of a lifetime. After one such makeover, an elderly woman takes off on the back of a motorcycle, heading for Vegas with a few stops along the way. Her grandson, attorney Ethan Wright, […]

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Review: Once Upon a Time 1: I’ll Stand By You by Wayne Jordan

The four Harrison sisters are torn apart after the deaths of their parents. They are split up by the Foster Care system. Eboni promises her sisters that she will find them when she gets older. Eboni is lucky. The Wynter family adopts her and she grows up in a loving family with older brothers to […]

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Review: Bachelor Unclaimed by Brenda Jackson

Ainsley St. James needs a break after losing her bid to be mayor of her home town. In Hilton Head SC, she finds herself having a hot one-night stand with a sexy stranger, something she has never done before. Ainsley never dreamed she would meet him again. But to get her old job back she […]

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Review: Courting Justice by Brenda Jackson

Attorney DeAngelo Di Meglio’s career skyrocketed when he won a high profile case. So too, did his love life but that did not help him win the heart of the one woman who has starred in his dreams for years. Deciding he needs to be more proactive, he books a vacation at a singles-only resort […]

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Review: To Love You More by Wayne Jordan

Rachel Davis falls in love with George Simpson in High School.  In spite of his reputation as a player, Rachel eventually agrees to date him.  They become lovers and stay together for five years.  George asks Rachel to marry him, but he starts having second thoughts.  They both plan to become lawyers.  Rachel goes to […]

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