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Review: Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd

Chelsea Smart arrives in Silvercrest with no plan to leave until she finds her missing sister. ¬†When she encounters Eric Drake who is determined to get her to leave, she is confused by the attraction she feels for the bossy man and his suggestion that he looks into her sisters disappearance and wait for the […]

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Review: Black Magic Lover by Cynthia Cooke

The fascinating world of the supernatural is brought to life in a most intriguing way as the voodoo aspects are all too convincing. Cynthia Cooke captures the willpower of those who believe in the unexplained and gives readers a frightening look into what might be possibly happening in a nearby quaint town. When Laura Larame […]

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Review: Angel Slayer by Michele Hauf

Of Angels and Demons is a new paranormal series where every disclosure is inventively original and totally captivating. Michele Hauf takes certain perceived facts, adds several cleverly ingenious ideas and consequently makes your own emotions run the gamut. During the first showing of her art work depicting uncharacteristic angels, Eden Campbell is finally able to […]

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Review: Vampire Vendetta by Alexis Morgan

Vampires rule in the intriguing world imagined by Alexis Morgan, where humans not only know about these beings but work under their guidance. Welcome to a most interesting paranormal concept, as original ideas are brought to life through enthralling scenarios featuring an outstanding cast of characters. When a scandal surrounding his half sister caused Seamus […]

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Review: Mistress of the Underground by Lisa Childs

The Secret Vampire Society series adds another intriguing installment with MISTRESS OF THE UNDERGROUND, where secrets abound and unknown danger lurks. Lisa Childs creates a paranormal world where mortals and immortals may live together, yet knowledge about the existence of those frequently thought to be found in only scary tales can turn deadly for the […]

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