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Archives:: December 2012

Review: Secrets of the Rich and Famous – Charlotte Phillips

Fun, feel-good and simply irresistible, readers will adore Charlotte Phillips’ debut novel for Mills and Boon Riva, Secrets of the Rich and Famous! Ambitious journalist Jen Brown has got great plans for her future – plans which do not involve spending the rest of her life working for the local rag writing articles about lost […]

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Review: Waking Up Married by Mira Lynn Kelly

After an evening celebrating her cousin’s upcoming marriage, Megan is surprised to wake up in bed with a very handsome man. The only problem is that she does not remember how she got there. When she discovers the man is now her husband, Megan figures she needs an attorney. Carter, no make that Connor, Reed […]

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Review: Three Cowboys by Julie Miller, Dana Marton and Paula Graves

For years, the three McCabe brothers have gone their separate ways. Now all three return home to resolve a family crisis before it is to late for one member of their family. Julie Miller tells the story of “Virgil.” A police detective in Chicago, Virgil “Bull” has not been home in ten years. Only a […]

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Review: Nice & Naughty by Tawny Weber

Jade Carson has lived her life as the nice girl. She returned to Diablo Glen when her family needed her. She works in the local library giving lessons in fashion sense on the side. With Christmas coming, festivities are proceeding exactly as planned in this typical small town. There is one problem, though, someone is […]

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Review: One Winter’s Night by Brenda Jackson

Riley Westmoreland lives his life by rules. One rule is never to mix pleasure with business. Then he meets his company’s new party planner, Alpha Blake and that rule goes out the window. He knows he wants nothing more than to have an affair with her. But, Riley likes to let his women know the […]

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