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Archives:: February 2012

Review: Forbidden to His Touch – Natasha Tate

Rafael Chaves has never forgotten the kindness Californian vineyard owner Dante Turino had shown him when he had been an angry and vulnerable young boy trying to survive on the mean city streets. Dante had taken the homeless Rafael into his home and his heart and given him a roof over his head, an education […]

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Review: The Wicked Lord Rasenby – Marguerite Kaye

The burden of responsibility weighs heavily upon the Honourable Clarissa Warrington’s shoulders: her mother’s addiction to the gaming tables is spiraling out of control and her sister, Amelia is spending money like it’s going out of fashion. Well aware of the fact that they’re heavily in debt, Clarissa is at the end of her tether. […]

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Review: Lady Rosabella’s Ruse – Ann Lethbridge

Lady Rosabella’s childhood had been idyllic. Even though her father had been ostracized by his family for eloping with an opera singer, Rose had never wanted for anything as a child. Having been lavished with all the love and affection she could have wanted, Rose had been broken-hearted when her parents had both passed away. […]

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Review: Miss Prim and the Billionaire – Lucy Gordon

Cassie Baines had once had the world at her feet: she was a successful supermodel with a career that was going from strength to strength and she was completely and utterly besotted with her young French boyfriend, Marcel. Cassie had known from a very early age that Marcel was the one for her and she […]

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Review: A Devilishly Dark Deal – Maggie Cox

After a particularly difficult couple of months, charity worker Grace Faulkner had decided to take a break from the heavy demands of her stressful job to soak up the sun and recharge her batteries in her parents’ villa in the Algarve. After her relationship with her boyfriend had gone sour, Grace had sworn off men […]

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