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Archives:: July 2013

Review: The Cattleman’s Ready-Made Family – Michelle Douglas

Two lonely souls find the courage to love again in Michelle Douglas’ unmissable new novel for Harlequin Romance, The Cattleman’s Ready-Made Family. Tess Laing’s life used to revolve around her musical career. Having garnered great acclaim all over the world for her breath-taking talent, Tess had made plenty of sacrifices to reach the top of […]

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Review: A TEXAS HERO by Linda Warren

As usual, Abby Bauman was running late because her ex-husband once again failed to pick up their daughter for a scheduled visit.  Anger clouded Abby’s concentration, she missed her turn and stopped suddenly causing a minor accident.  The other driver, ruggedly handsome detective Ethan James, was irritated by the delay in returning home to his […]

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Review: The Smoky Mountain Mist by Paula Graves

Seth Hammond has made mistakes in his past but he has changed his ways and now does occasional jobs for the FBI. His latest is to keep an eye on Rachel. Since she has been named CEO with her father’s death, violence and death has surrounded her. Now it begins to look as if that […]

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Review: Front Page Affair by Jennifer Morey

The new miniseries by Jennifer Morey called Ivy Avengers is off to a compelling start with plenty of suspense and issues packed with emotional conflict. Her main couple is thrown into a situation that professionals would normally deal with, yet time and again, it is up to these two to handle whatever crops up. This […]

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Review: Beautiful Danger by Michele Hauf

Though there are numerous poignant incidents in this compelling vampire tale by Michele Hauf, there are also loads of lighter moments that had me smiling and even laughing. I never knew if I would be grinning or left breathless when I turned the page, and these unexpected surprises definitely kept me interested in discovering the […]

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