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Archives:: June 2013

Review: THe Making of a Princess by Teresa Carpenter

Xavier LeDuc is a dedicated soldier sworn to protect the royal family of Pasadonia. On tour with the royal jewels, Xavier meets a lovely red haired woman who features resemble that of his King. Could Amanda Carn be his long lost daughter? Xavier hopes not as she is desirable to him on so many levels. […]

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Review: The First Crush Is The Deepest – Nina Harrington

A hugely enjoyable contemporary romance peppered with charm, warmth and sass, The First Crush is the Deepest kicks off award-winning author Nina Harrington’s fabulous new trilogy, Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Sam Richards is now one of the world’s most influential showbiz journalists. Having worked hard to climb to the top of his profession, […]

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Review: The Secret in His Heart – Caroline Anderson

Much-loved author Caroline Anderson deftly blends humour, pathos and emotion in her heartwarming new novel for Medical Romance, The Secret in His Heart. When he had first clapped eyes on Connie, Dr James Slater had been unable to tear his gaze away from her. Beautiful, intelligent and blessed with a heart of gold, Connie had […]

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Review: Falling for the Rebel Falcon – Lucy Gordon

Readers all over the world have fallen in love with multi award-winning author Lucy Gordon’s enthralling series about the sexy Falcon Brothers and in the latest installment of this captivating series, Falling for the Rebel Falcon, this talented writer of contemporary romance has struck gold once again! Celebrity journalist Perdita Hansen is the best in […]

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Review: A TIME FOR US by Amy Knupp

Dr. Rachel Culver lost her twin sister to a fatal asthma attack and she has been plagued with guilt ever since.  She believes she is guilty of causing her sister to have the attack, guilty because she herself is alive and guilty because she is in love with her sister’s fiancé.  After her sister’s death, […]

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