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Archives:: March 2013

Review: Unlocking the Doctor’s Heart by Susanne Hampton

To start fresh, Dr. Beth Seymour decides to participate in an exchange program for second year residents. She arrives in Australia looking forward to her new assignment. Then she meets her new boss. Dr Matthew Harrison used to be charming until he suffered a loss that affects him still. He is demanding and caustic at […]

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Review: The Guy To Be Seen With – Fiona Harper

A zesty-paced page-turner that’s sexy, sassy and simply spectacular, The Guy to Be Seen With is a fabulous flirty romance from the wonderful Fiona Harper! After a cruel twist of fate had shattered Daniel Bradford’s happiness, the gorgeous adventurer had vowed to keep his heart under lock and key and his relationships as short and […]

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Review: Unmasking Miss Lacey – Isabelle Goddard

Passion, peril and intrigue – Isabelle Goddard’s latest spellbinding Regency romance has got it all! Lucinda Lacey is in desperate need of money. With her brother in debtors’ prison, Lucinda must raise enough cash to ensure that her beloved sibling’s life isn’t threatened any further. With no other option open to her, the gently bred […]

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Review: Once Upon a Time 1: I’ll Stand By You by Wayne Jordan

The four Harrison sisters are torn apart after the deaths of their parents. They are split up by the Foster Care system. Eboni promises her sisters that she will find them when she gets older. Eboni is lucky. The Wynter family adopts her and she grows up in a loving family with older brothers to […]

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Lucy Knight spent the last five years in an Italian prison.  She maintains that she was unjustly convicted of man slaughter but is now relieved that her imprisonment is finally over and she can try to pick up the pieces of her tattered life.  As she takes her first step to freedom, she is surrounded […]

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