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Archives:: November 2013

Review: Her Firefighter Under the Mistletoe – Scarlet Wilson

Two lost and lonely souls find each other again in Scarlet Wilson’s latest poignant Harlequin Medical Romance, Her Firefighter Under the Mistletoe. Life had dealt pediatric consultant Jessica Rae a hard blow. A cruel twist of fate had robbed Jessica of her happiness and shattered her hopes and dreams for the future. Lonely, devastated and […]

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Review: The Colton Heir by Colleen Thompson

 Each time Dylan Frick was featured in the previous Coltons of Wyoming novels, he came across as someone to respect because of his admirable behavior. In his own book, Dylan proves he is even more of a hero than thought and I came to truly love this wonderful person. The heroine is also a well-liked […]

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Review: Siren’s Secret by Debbie Herbert

It is very difficult to stop reading SIREN’S SECRET once the inventive story is started because of all the intriguing situations that arise. If the book must be stopped before it ends, then your mind continues to think about the extremely innovative world featuring mermaids and plenty of distinctive humans. Debbie Herbert has constructed a […]

Review: Protecting His Princess by C.J. Miller

 The third Truman brother gets his own story, and I quickly discovered Harris is an exceedingly honorable plus trustworthy man. Though I really enjoyed all three books about these courageous men, I found this story to be especially entertaining with its believable premise and vast assortment of diverse characters. The setting is very fascinating, and […]

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Review: To Tame a Cowboy by Jules Bennett

A member of the Texas Cattlemen’s Club, Ryan Grant returns to Royal, Texas to settle down and open a school. The rodeo circuit no longer holds the appeal to him as it did in the past. Now he wants one thing – his best friend Piper Kindred. When an accident sends Piper to his side, […]

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