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Archives:: October 2013

Review: Claiming His Own by Olivia Gates

Calliope Sarantos finds Maksim Volkov to be incredibly sexy and the two embark on a no holds barred affair with only a few rules. Their affair is to be about pleasure with no commitment. All that changes when Calliope finds herself pregnant. Maksim agrees to give the baby his name but not himself. He disappears […]

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Review: BECAUSE OF AUDREY by Mary Sullivan

Audrey Stone is a delightfully colorful, full-figured woman and she is finally living her dream, or will be as soon as she wins this year’s Florists’ Show Award.  The monetary prize will help pay for her father’s therapy and the hospital contract will help jump start her florist business, The Last Dance.  But all those […]

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Review: The London Deception by Addison Fox

The House of Steele stories are about a security firm run by four family members, and the second book concentrates on the youngest sister. Antiquities are her specialty, and Egyptian pieces are particularly interesting to her. This fascination leads to her becoming entangled in a dangerous assignment, one where her emotions are conflicted time and […]

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Review: AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY by Annie West

Billionaire Jonas Deveson discovers that he is still paying his father’s debts long after his death.  But it wasn’t his father that signed that final large check, so it must be his mistress, the housekeeper that induced his father to abandon his mother.  Jonas is determined to have his sweet revenge and make Silvia Ruggiero […]

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Review: Claimed by the Demon by Doranna Durgin

A blade and a pendant, both with magical powers, deeply affect two individuals whose lives become intertwined from the instant they meet. The second book in the Demon Blade miniseries once again has a unique storyline with intriguing details and plenty of surprising occurrences. Doranna Durgin is known for creating original stories with very inventive […]

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